Best 28-Inch Smart TV in 2023

If you’re looking for the best 28-inch smart tv range, you’ll have a lot of choices. This is a common choice for a bit of TV of this size. That is to say. Numerous companies produce various types of televisions. After all, you are making it more challenging to select the most acceptable solution. When shopping for the best 28-inch smart tv, there are a few things to consider. You almost certainly have a few ideas in mind for what you desire. After all, the cost is usually a significant consideration. 

Furthermore, This article will not just offer you an idea of what to look for in good Television. After all, it will provide you with options that assist you rather than hinder you. These days, Television is necessary for entertainment, allowing friends and family to congregate to watch and share joyous moments. While larger televisions are preferred in the living room, 28-inch televisions are popular in bedrooms and small commercial locations. Several well-known companies, including Sony, Samsung, and LG, offer 28-inch LED TVs with HD and Full HD screen resolutions. 

For the convenience of buyers, these TVs provide features such as LED backlighting, Ethernet, HDMI, and USB ports. The quality of TVs in this price range improves year after year. Budget TVs are cost-effective for secondary viewing spaces if you don’t have the best TVs with outstanding picture quality, even if you have limited space and money. We’ve put together a list of the best 28-inch smart tv on Amazon, and we’ve broken down each listing to help you decide.

You’ll have to sacrifice some features, but they won’t be substantial because the products I’ve chosen for review have the most excellent features and picture quality. This article will assist you in selecting the appropriate gadget, whether it’s a cheap UHD TV for a bedroom, a kid’s computer, or a living room. So, let’s get started.

LG 27LP615B-PU 27 Inch Full HD
LG 27LP615B-PU 27 Inch Full HD

LG 27LP615B-PU 27 Inch Full HD

  • A striking contrast
  • Numerous streaming applications
  • Reflections are handled well.
28” LED HDTV by  CT-2860 High Definition Television
28” LED HDTV by CT-2860 High Definition Television CT-2860 High Definition Television

  • Stylish television
  • The contrast levels are all excellent.
Samsung 27-Inch Class Monitor M5 Serie
Samsung 27-Inch Class Monitor M5 Serie

Samsung 27-Inch Class Monitor M5 Series

  • Alexa voice recognition
  • Excellent design and quality
  • HDR scenic views

The buying guide on the best 28-inch Smart TV:

If you’re looking for the best 28-inch television to add a new dimension to your lifestyle, keep the following factors before making your purchase to ensure that you make the best option possible.

Display technology

When it comes to smart TVs, display technology is the most important requirement, and choosing the right option out of a wide range of options can confuse users. These smart TVs have LED lighting, but you can also opt for an OLED panel, which is a more expensive option. TVs using OLED panels are known for improving contrast and saturation value which increases color depth. However, these devices are more expensive, and lower refresh rates can degrade processing performance.

On the other hand, many models use OLED panels; in my opinion, this panel is superior to OLED. These QD LED panels are cost-effective and provide total power savings, better refresh rates, and smoother operation.

In addition, these devices provide the required picture quality with better color gamut, improved saturation, and improved contrast values. They are also known for their sound quality, which does not cause background noise issues. So you can choose one according to your needs and desires.

Rate of refreshing

The refresh rate is another factor that can directly impact the results, as it greatly affects the speed of the processor. In a word, it can be defined as the time it takes to update the device or in one second. So if you’re looking for a TV that can switch screens in less than a second, we’d recommend opting for a 60Hz refresh rate. Overall and performance of the TV.

There are many other latest options with a relatively good refresh rate in the 100-130 Hz range. This helps eliminate input delays and eliminates the possibility of shutters. In this way, you can choose the right product for your requirements.

HDR feature

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. The HDR standard built into the TV helps increase contrast and color to avoid blurry white areas and loss of detail. Standard HDTVs display images in brighter or darker areas more clearly than regular TVs, adding depth and naturalness to the image. Contrast and color are two new improvements that provide optimal image quality for HDRTV.

The high contrast ratio and full range local dimming feature can produce deep black for a great viewing experience in a dark room. It handles reflections very well and easily overcomes glare, ensuring good visibility in bright environments. The HDR TV standard must meet strict contrast criteria, so that black spots are the deepest, darkest, and white spots on your TV.


When shopping for the best 28-inch TVs, keep in mind that resolution matters since it affects picture quality and contrast. For a high level of experience, you can select a resolution of 108p or 4K. The two most prevalent and widely used resolutions help HDR processors run more efficiently and provide more brilliant colors. These devices deliver the best possible color accuracy, brightness, and extreme saturation from every viewpoint.

Alternatively, if you want to save a little money, you can always go with 8K resolution for an exceptionally aesthetically beautiful experience. This resolution is noted for its extreme efficiency and incredible color effectiveness, but the content must be sacrificed.


Selecting a strong CPU, such as the GHz Quad-Core processor, is helpful. This allows your TV to function properly or even enables users to concentrate. The processor is often regarded as the tv’s brain. You won’t be able to use the TV if the processor isn’t operating or isn’t strong enough.

The contrast of the Tv screen

A method for extending the parallax between the finest white and the darkest black in a photograph is high dynamic range. HDR displays, in general, are far more realistic than standard visuals. In a nutshell, HDR TV provides superior visual quality. HDR10 is the industry standard for home televisions. This is a great platform.

Dolby Vision is a more advanced kind of HDR that can correlate dynamic features with such a basic picture and instruct users on how to rebuild the frame precisely. These instructions may be interpreted on a Dolby screen to portray the picture appropriately. The Ultrathin Array function on some Samsung TV models increases the contrast in all conditions by carefully changing the illumination settings. Black images are darker, while sceneries that are lighter are clearer.

Quality of sound

In addition, the sound must have the maximum audible frequency so that everyone can watch TV while having fun. The company will do all necessary to ensure great audio quality as audio technology evolves. The price will be greater if you want the tone, but it will last longer. It is impossible to overestimate the value of great sound quality in a pleasant atmosphere. The gadget is also compatible with the woofer and extra speakers, guaranteeing outstanding TV sound.

28” LED HDTV by CT-2860 High Definition Television
28” LED HDTV by CT-2860 High Definition Television

Reasons to Buy

  • PC input allows you to use your TV as a computer display.
  • Design of a stylish television
  • The colors, clarity, and contrast levels are all excellent.

Reasons to Avoid

  • The sound quality is poor.
  • DC incompatibility

The CT2860 TV delivers stunning light, dark, and rich colors in crystal clear 720p on a 28-inch LED HDTV. Slim design, VGA/HDMI/USB input, VESA wall mount compatible. Includes TV stand. You can enjoy all your favorite movies. You can use this screen as a computer monitor, play games, or want a bigger computer monitor. With a remote that can control everything, no extra wiring or setup, plug and play, it’s perfect for kids’ rooms, college dorms, and tall people. Age wants to make life a little easier.

it has built-in HDMI x 3, USB port x 1, VGA x 1 and RF cable/antenna input x 1. Connect it to a computer, laptop, game console, and cable box or antenna- your name. The compact and lightweight design makes it quick and easy to mount on the wall. Very convenient and looks great when mounted on any universal wall stand. V is 100×100, one of the most popular VESA models, which means it will fit most wall mounts made. Control your TV on a simple and clear remote that is easy to use. Battery included. Easily program any universal remote you have.

You can watch all of your favorite series and movies on a 28-inch, 720p, 60Hz LED TV screen, which delivers stunning bright, dark, and rich colors. Combined with the LED flat panel is stunning sound through state-of-the-art speakers. Backed by a one-year warranty. Should you have any problems, our friendly technical support team is always available to help; they can be reached by phone or email with the US office.

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Free Signal TV Transit 28 12 Volt DC Powered LED
Free Signal TV Transit 28 12 Volt DC Powered LED

Reasons to Buy

  • Excellent client service
  • Excellent video and audio
  • It’s simple to mount a TV on the wall.
  • Devices can be linked to the TV.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Upgraded loudspeakers or sound systems are required.

Revolutionary Technically Portable High Performance 12 volt DC HDTV The 28-inch HDTV Transit is a 12 volt DC LED flat panel TV that offers high-quality picture quality. 1366 x 768 resolution with amazing resolution requires a low voltage. Go where the 110-volt TV doesn’t dare go! Transit’s unique DC-powered flat-panel TVs offer a portable; lightweight LED TV solution that delivers incredible HD picture quality and features commonly found on high-end home appliances. Trucks and cars.

Also includes a 12-volt cigarette power cord, 12-volt direct connection available braid, full remote control, table stand, and detailed user guide. We’ve put our design know-how, and product dependability to the entire Transit line of TVs with screen sizes up to 40 inches. Transit’s 28-inch flat-screen TVs are built to last, specifically designed for long-term mobile use.

28-inch High-Performance Portable LED TV Achieve HD picture quality with this stunning 12-volt DC-powered TV with 1366 x 768 resolution. Breakthrough engineering delivers a lightweight TV with a dynamic audio response and an Advanced noise reduction circuit. EasytoSetUp flat-screen TV and flexible 12V RV connection. 3 HDMI inputs. It can also be used at home by converting to AC power with the optional CHD 1260 power adapter.

Perfect TV for RVs, Trailers, RVs, etc. The mobile TV’s high-definition picture will go where other portable TVs dare not! Mounting options Flat-screen TV Can be wall-mounted or placed on a table with the included stand, great for home and travel use. Free Signal TV’s technical support specialists are also available to answer your questions or provide advice.

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LG 27LP615B-PU 27 Inch Full HD
LG 27LP615B-PU 27 Inch Full HD

Reasons to Buy

  • a striking contrast
  • There are numerous streaming applications from which to pick.
  • Reflections are handled well.

Reasons to Avoid

  • The system is slow to respond.
  • There are no adjusting options, and the precision is terrible.

LG’s 27″ Television is the perfect size for your desk, bedroom, dorm, or even kitchen. It offers handy Full HD viewing options. From practically every viewing angle, the sharpness of Full HD resolution with IPS makes everything look more detailed, with colors appearing more bright and authentic to live. Thanks to the convenient HDMI input, it’s also simple to connect your laptop, Blu-ray player, or videogame console. Two 5W Dolby Audio built-in speakers are included with the Television. 

The TV may be mounted on the wall and comes with remote control. This Television has Ultra HD resolution, which means it has four times the detail of a Full HD television. The V-Series TV has a high dynamic range for breathtaking color and contrast, and HD content is automatically upscaled to deliver the best possible visuals. You don’t need a streaming device because the LG is packed with intelligent capabilities. 

LG Smart TV provides spectacular 4K TV shows and movies from popular applications on the big screen. This LG TV has voice control capability for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, making it a great smart-home companion for controlling your TV with your voice.

The TV has a microphone for hands-free control, and the remote control has built-in voice control. Regrettably, it suffers from many of the same faults as the 4 Series. Due to the lack of calibration settings, it exhibits unsatisfactory accuracy and color and white balance difficulties. In addition, the sluggish response time generates blur behind fast-moving objects.

Samsung 27-Inch Class Monitor M5 Series
Samsung 27-Inch Class Monitor M5 Series

Reasons to Buy

  • Alexa voice recognition
  • Excellent design and quality
  • HDR scenic views

Reasons to Avoid

  • The quality of color output is low.
  • Dark levels that are unpredictable

The Samsung 27-Inch Class Monitor M5 Series is quite stylish. Any room will benefit from it. The ultra-thin monitor depth and 2.5mm aluminum stand fit flawlessly with any setup, reducing desk footprint and increasing workspace for creativity and comfort. The borderless, pure white design adds a stylish, discreet touch to any interior space. 

For your entertainment, you can stream thousands of shows. Binge-watching has become much more convenient. Without turning on your PC or laptop, you may access various entertainment apps such as Netflix, YouTube, and HBO. The built-in speakers and remote control make it easy to relax. You can do anything a manager can do with Alexa Voice Remote, including start apps, search for entertainment, play music, modify your network, handle remote monitoring, etc. 

Image quality is good with Insignia. Samsung is built to be quick and elegant in its performance. In terms of size, it’s the ideal 28-inch screen for gaming, and you can enjoy exquisite details, rich contrast, and stunning colors thanks to the fidelity of HD graphics. With dual-band WiFi, three HDMI connectors, and various pre-programmed options, connecting is simple. You can also offer each compatible device a detailed description by customizing the image settings.

This TV is perfect for gaming because of its numerous appealing features. Assume you’re using a streaming device. This is the finest gaming television. Your eyesight is satisfactory when you watch sports or play many games. Thanks to its clean, simple, and appealing design, it quickly draws attention. Gamers can see the screen from any angle while playing, so they don’t have to be concerned about how it appears.

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We’ve covered all there is to know about the best 28-inch smart tv in this article. Because of their tiny size, 28-inch TVs are perfect for use in small spaces like bedrooms and kitchens. This also simplifies the process of relocating them if necessary. Despite the fact that these TVs do not have a 4K resolution, the Full HD counterparts provide excellent visual quality.

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