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How to Share Audio on Discord? | Simple Guide

Discord screen shares no audio issue is a constant complaint by many gamers. Are you also facing Discord screen share with no sound problems? The post will allow you to know how to share audio on Discord. Before fixing it, let’s know about the reasons. … Read More

How to Connect Roku to Wifi without Remote?

A Roku player allows you to stream thousands of TV programs and movies on TV. But you can not stream any content if there’s something wrong with the remote control. Suppose you have problems with your Roku remote or connection. Here’s how to Connect Roku … Read More

How to Turn Off Comments on Facebook Post?

Facebook is a leading platform of the world’s social media with a hundred features and billions of users. Thus, Facebook helps people to connect with others who are in a distant world. Facebook users engage each other in sharing videos, photos, and text. Meanwhile, people … Read More

How to Upgrade Iban Staff? | Simple Guide!

This article is about how to upgrade Iban staff. For the upgraded version, see Iban high values and properties to find how and why to upgrade the Iban Staff. Also Read this: How to upload Artwork to Steam? | Simple Guide! (2021) Ways to Upgrade … Read More