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How to Spoiler on Discord? Simple Guide!

The spoiler tags use to hide Messages and Images on Discord. The spoiler tags the privacy of the Discord user. Here we summarise how to spoiler on Discord add to hide the Messages and Images. Learn here few methods. Spoiler tags apply in the Discord … Read More

How to enable screen share on Discord Server?

Discord is one of the famous applications used for PC and mobile. Over the years, Discord manages to obtain significant fame among the players. Additionally, the attractive fact about Discord is the capacity to communicate freely. Today we will discuss the screen share feature. And … Read More

How to Cancel Avast 60 Day Trial Subscription?

The problem with the Avast Subscription is, Avast renews the license without the permission of the user. Whenever one forgot to cancel, the Avast 60 day trial needs to pays. To cancel Avast 60 trial by using alternative options before the expiry of the permit. … Read More

How to Restart Plex Server? | 10 Simple Steps

The Plex Media Server is famous for uniform and spontaneous user activity. Regular players are aware of how to restart Plex Server through the Website. The Website sorts various tasks as setting the remote access, optimizing media, sharing the library with flocks, etc. Therefore, you … Read More

How to change name on UPlay on PC and Website?

The Uplay is the component of the UBISOFT gamer’s website. UBISOFT website facilitates the gamers by providing the facility through Uplay. To sign in, you need to make a user account. Sometimes users need to change their usernames, but they have no idea how to … Read More

How to make Health Bar in Unity? | 17 steps

HealthBar is a component of the game. HealthBar represents the status of the gamic character. Therefore, programmers design the HealthBar. This article is for you if you are a game programmer and don’t know how to make Health Bar in Unity. Also Read this: 6 … Read More

How to Delete Projects in Unity? | 6 Simple Steps

Unity enables the users to make the game projects 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional technology. Unity engine allows the Unity editors to compose the initial script of API. Unity editor scripts their projects in the order of the game. The initial programming language uses in the Unity … Read More