How to Add People to Discord Call? | 3 Simple Methods

Group calling is one of the top trends of this era. Usually, people make group calls for educational discussions, business deals, family chats, and important announcements on Discord. Unfortunately, if you have no idea how to add people to Discord call, you lose the opportunity to attain a virtual get-together with friends and strangers. So, don’t worry, here we suggest different ways to add people to Discord Call in various manners.

3 Methods to Add People to Discord Call:

To learn how to add people to Discord call, then you are in the right place. Here you will get a chance to know about every possible way of adding people to discord call in step by step method. So we have so much to discuss. Let’s dive right in. 

15 Steps to Add People to Discord call from Friend List:

  1. Firstly you have to download the discord app.
  2. Then make an account on it and Log in to enjoy the app.
  3. You can select members from the friend list only.
  4. Select at least one person to start a discord call.
  5. Afterwardfew icons will pop on your screen.
  6. Click on the voice call button to create a discord call with the person of your choice.
  7. Once
  8.  the Call begins, you will see some symbols appearing on the screen.
  9. Here, you will find an addition sign(+) for adding other members to the ring.
  10. The friend list will appear on the page.
  11. Now, add members of your choice by marking a tick against their name.
  12. You can select 10 members at a maximum.
  13. If you want to add more than ten members then, make a server.
  14. Then an option to create group DM will appear.
  15. Now, create the group by adding the friends on Discord Call.
  16. You can change the status of the voice call to a video call whenever you like.

You can invite someone from outside on discord call by first asking them about their discord ID, adding them to the friend list, and enjoying the discord call.

Second Method to Add People to Discord Call by Invitation:

Making discord call is very easy through invitation. Suppose someone does not have a Discord application on his device. Still, you can invite those outsiders to the Discord Call. You can make this Call in 2 ways. Here we go.

5 Steps to Invite Anyone to Discord Call:

  1. First, share the link with the outsider.
  2. The invitation provides access to the server.
  3. Anyone with the invitation link can join the Call.
  4. If the host accepts the joining request.
  5. You will join the Discord call.

Third Method to Add People by Direct Discord Call:

You can invite people to discord calls like a group call in other apps. To start a call, you need two persons to call. Once the Call begins, you can start adding people to it as much as you want, and it will convert into a discord group call.

5 Steps to Invite Directly a Particular Person to Discord Call:

Here we explain how to add people to Discord Call for directly inviting members present to the friend’s list. Here are few steps below.

  1. Select the option beside the server name.
  2. A menu will appear with the opportunity to choose and invite the people.
  3. You will find a search bar in which you can write the name of your friend.
  4. A friend’s name will appear against the invitation.
  5. To send an invitation to a particular person, make a click on it.

If you also want to know about how to add friends to the discord call list, you should read and follow the below-mentioned steps.

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Methods to Add friends to Discord Call List:

Adding friends to the discord friend list is very important for ease in messaging, calling, etc. Here we mention two ways on how to add people to the Discord Call List by using a Desktop or Mobile phone.

10 Steps to Add Friends to Discord Call List by Desktop:

  1. Open the Discord
  2. Click on Home from the top left
  3. Go to the direct message area of the respective person
  4. Click on the Add Friend to add the friend to the list.
  5. A menu will appear on your screen.
  6. Here add the discord tag of the respective person.
  7. After that, click on Send a Friend Request.
  8. Wait for the person to accepts the invitation.
  9. Then, you will be friends.
  10. Your friend list will start showing his name.

10 Steps to Add People to Discord Call List by Mobile:

  1. Open the Discord.
  2. Select the Friends Menu.
  3. Add symbol will appear on the screen.
  4. Tap on the addition sign to add one.
  5. A dialogue box will appear.
  6. Now, add the user’s Discord name or tag.
  7. Then, click on Add Friend Request.
  8. Wait for the person to accepts the invitation.
  9. The friend list will show your friend’s name.
  10. That means you can make the Call now.

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Additional Settings for an Invitation link:

Before sending the invitation to a friend or outsider, your need to know about few things that make your Call quick and easy. Few points are here to pay attention to for swift Call.


You can adjust the duration of the Invite link as per requirement. Usually, it’s for 24 hrs. But it can range to infinite time.

No. of times:

You can use it once or multiple times according to adjustment. It does not expire. So, enjoy your unlimited calls with priceless friends.

Restriction on membership:

It all depends on the host to grant membership or not. If not then, when a member logouts, he automatically loses membership.

Members access to invite link:

It’s a setting by which the host can grant permission to members to send an invite link to others, or the host can block it.


We explained all possible ways on how to add people to Discord Call and tried to address all possible queries that might arise while calling. Hopefully, the article proves fruitful for you, and all your queries to discord call will end after reading the article like the page to appreciate us and share it with your friends to encourage us. Keep asking questions. Your queries are so precious to us.

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