How to cancel Audible Membership on Mobile and Computer?

It’s easy to sign up for Audible membership, believing that you will redeem your audiobook credit every month, and listen to it. You can fall behind on reading in a busy life, stumbling into a reading slump, or maybe realize that Audible is not a service to serve you. In that case, you need to look into how to cancel Audible Membership.

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Way to Cancel Audible Membership on Computer:

Here we mention few steps to elaborate on how to cancel Audible membership. You can cancel The Audible membership so quickly from your desktop by following the said method.

  1. Start by heading to the Audible website.
  2. Log in to the Audible account.
  3. You will see the name at the top of the screen from the home page.
  4. And right to it, there is an arrow.
  5. To bring up a dropdown menu, hover the cursor over the pointer of the account information and options.
  6. Then click on the Account Details.
  7. As your Account Details page loads, you will observe the remaining credits you possess.
  8. And you will become aware of the subscription plan you currently enroll in Audible membership.
  9. Suppose your current subscription plan does not work.
  10. Make a click on the Switch Membership.
  11. Choose a different method.
  12. Hereafter, you are ready to cancel your Audible membership.
  13. Make a click on the Cancel Membership option.


  1.  Ensure that you have used all your credit if you have unused credits; when you cancel Audible membership, you will lose them.
  2. As you don’t want to lose the remaining credits, go to the Home page back.
  3. And redeem the credit for audiobooks.
  4. You have already saved with past debts; you do not lose access to the audiobooks.
  5. Suppose you want to keep credits but don’t want to bill for an Audible membership or subscription.
  6. You have the option to switch the Audible membership option to Silver.
  7. The Silver membership bills you for one credit every other month.
  8. Or another way it suspends the Audible membership for 30, 60, or 90 days.
  9. The suspension of the membership gives your wallet a reprieve.
  10. That offers you time to catch up on audiobook reading!
  11. Audible warn you about losing the credits if you cancel the Audible membership.
  12. Same time it gives you the chance to switch account settings.
  13. Hence, you keep them one more time before you withdraw your Audible membership.

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Way to Cancel Audible Membership on Phone:

You can not cancel an Audible membership either from any android or iOS by login on to the website. If you follow the steps accordingly, it is effortless, and you will not face any problems. Any device can use, i.e., computer, laptop, phone, etc.

  1. If you decided to cancel your Audible membership, click on the Cancel membership. Audible will inquire about the reason for the cancellation of Audible membership.
  2. The site will demand feedback on clients’ leave to improve the services according to the desire of the customers.
  3. Do not give the place a precise reason, for that there is an option Other reason is available.
  4. As you prefer not to feedback, choose something from this multiple-choice menu to continue canceling the Audible membership.
  5. A final page will open as you click on Continue canceling option. To reconsider canceling your membership on Audible with one last effort to do!
  6. That is your last chance to redeem the remaining credits available if there are any or switch or pause your membership to save the unused credit.
  7. Audible allows changing the membership to every other month billing and half the number of credits. Here, you will give the option to suspend the Audible membership, even if you redeem all credits.
  8. That’s a great option if you want a break, but as you are committed to the cancellation of Audible membership, click on Finish to Cancel and learn how to cancel Audible membership.
  9. The final page which opens will be the account page of yours with a message. The message says Audible is sorry to see you go. Meanwhile, it informs you that the membership has to cancel. However, it may not be evident because your membership status will indicate you are still enrolling and giving you the date of your next billing.
  10. Don’t panic! Refresh the page to see the updated account details on the Audible website. The cancellation date will appear, along with a link to the credit summary. Here, an offer to start back up whenever you like it again. You get a confirmation by email that you canceled Audible successfully.

No Android for Cancellation:

But before you cancel Audible Membership, there are a few things you need to know! Meanwhile, you are looking for how to cancel Audible membership on Android by App, and it is not possible. Merely deleting the Audible membership from your Android-based phone will not work.

No iPhone for Cancellation:

Users must cancel their subscription by logging into their account on a web browser. Unfortunately, there is no clue to learn how to cancel Audible membership on iPhone by App. Another suggestion is that the user must use all of the credits before canceling or forfeit them.

Prepaid Cancellation:

Canceling the Audible membership means that you can not purchase the members-only deals because you are no longer a member of the Audible offers, by the Daily Deals emails, and by their periodic sales. But if one is ready to change reading life, here’s how to cancel Audible membership!

Problems in Audible Membership:

There are several problems that users face while using Audible membership.

  1. The first problem is, when you are listening to something, the audio stops suddenly.
  2. The poor audio quality is another factor that might irritate users.
  3. Sometimes the contents got miss during play mode.
  4. Further, when you are listening, you will hear background noises and interruptions.
  5. While downloading, you will face interruption, and you have to download it again.
  6. It is not delightful.
  7. The main problem is with the Audible membership or subscription, and you can use any other device or any other format to re-check.

So, these are the Audible membership problems; therefore, people try to find a way to get rid of Audible membership and learn how to cancel Audible membership or subscriptions.

Here you have learned the way how to cancel Audible membership and save your credit from drainage. Keep in touch, keep commenting on us in the comment section and send us your queries. Subscribe and criticize for improvement. Thank you and Bye!

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