How to change your Birthday on TikTok? | Simple Guide!

Suppose you have added your Birthday mistakenly wrong, and you are wandering to know how to change your Birthday on TikTok. Here we are to solve your problem. We will provide you every possible piece of information on the topic.

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16 Steps to Change your Birthday on TikTok:

Meanwhile, you are changing the username and profile picture on TikTok any time that you like. But the question is how to change your Birthday on TikTok. To change your Birthday on TikTok, firstly, you will need to contact the application’s customer support. Secondly, you need to request a birthday update to the App control. Here’s how to change your Birthday on TikTok.

  1. Go to the TikTok app on the smart device.
  2. Now, tap on the Me icon present in the lower-right corner.
  3. Tap on the ellipsis means three dots icon present on the top-right corner of the page.
  4. Now, scroll down the menu.
  5. Tap on Report a problem.
  6. Tap Account and Profile.
  7. Tap the Editing Profile.
  8. Tap the Other icon.
  9. Tap on the Still to avoid the issue.
  10. In the comment bar, type I want to update my Birthday on the TikTok account because the current date is incorrect on Report. I can share my ID to prove my valid Birthday.
  11. Then tap on the Report button.
  12. Do not attach photos of ID at this stage on TikTok.
  13. Next day or two, you will receive an email from TikTok at the email address associated with the account to support.
  14. The representative will ask for a picture of some government ID to prove your valid Birthday.
  15. As you send it to them, they will hopefully.
  16. Update your Birthday on TikTok with the actual date.

In these steps, you will get to know how to change your Birthday on TikTok. It’s no longer possible to alter your TikTok Birthday’s day, month, or a year from the primary app controls. However, here is a way to update your Birthday on TikTok by an alternative method.

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Incapability to Update Birthday on TikTok:

Today, TikTok eliminates the ability to change the Birthday to protect youngsters from accessing character intends for old users, such as direct message, online purchase gifts, and begins the Livestream broadcast of TikTok.

Reason to Disable:

Many youngsters change the Birthday on TikTok to access the extra functions of TikTok, so the option to do so is disabled.

Updating the Birthday:

Updating the Birthday on TikTok will not disable any parental controls that have to turn on in TikTok. One downside of the update was that many adult users rush by the signup.

App Restrictions:

Then, enters a fake birthday during the process find that the app uses restrictions though they are well above the minimum age requirement for specific features in real life. Therefore, here we mention how to change your Birthday on TikTok.

New TikTok Account:

Suppose you’re unable to change your Birthday on TikTok through the above method. Users can open a new account and state the correct Birthday during the signup procedure. Unfortunately, that does not mean that you are starting from square one in terms of followers.

Be Truthful:

Still, you can download all of your TikTok videos from the original account and re-upload them to the new one without much trouble. It’s best not to lie about the age when creating a TikTok account, as you could get Reports by other users if you suspect being under-age.

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Parental TikTok Account:

Another potential strategy would be to create a new TikTok account with a parent or guardian that you can manage together.

Exceptional Notes:

  • The ability to change your Birthday expel from the TikTok app for users.
  • The ability to update the age also dismiss as a way to protect young users from offensive content.
  • You can still edit the Birthday on TikTok by contacting the customer support service.

This article discusses how to change your Birthday on TikTok, and you can do that by reaching out to the customer service representatives.

Rules for Under-Age Users:

TikTok unleashes few privacy rules for under-age social media users. Under-age users are less than 16 years old. By default, from January 14th, 2021, the accounts under 16 will go private. That means only approved followers might see the users’ profiles and videos.

Way to Change Birthday on TikTok:

Besides other social media applications, changing your Birthday on your profile or settings leads the users to find the solution. Numerous people have claimed that you can create a new account with an actual birthday, but the old username will keep the same statement, but this theory debunks as not working.

Issues in TikTok Accounts:

When TikTok deleted the accounts of underage users, they also accidentally deleted the accounts over the age of 16. That frequently happens when they asked users to verify their age. TikTok app glitch and do not facilitate users to select their actual age. They can choose the date of the day it happened in 2019, so they counted them zero years old.

TikTok 2021:

Old TikTok received thousands of complaints from angry TikTokkers whose accounts delete despite them. Because they cross the age limit, but as the app does not have an option to change Birthday, they could not change the age and get their accounts back.

Here we got the hope that our viewers and readers learned how to change your Birthday on TikTok. Hopefully, we explained every aspect of knowledge on this point. Enjoy!

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