How to Check Game Version on Steam? | 6 Methods

Like the wrestlers of the match levels their weight before the fight. And try to be at the same level of power and strength. Online gaming demands the exact version of the game to compete with each other. Therefore, Steam users need a detailed version of the game.

In contrast, gamers do not pay attention to the game version, and most of them do not even remember the version they are playing. Here, we submit the information on how to check the Game version on steam by following different methods. Here we go!

Method 1: Check the Version of the Game on Steam

That is a generic solution you can use to determine the version of the Game’s executable on the Steam library. Here is the explanation of how to check the game version on Steam.

  1. Go to the Steam library.
  2. Make a right-click on your favorite Game.
  3. Select the Properties option from the local files.
  4. Now, click on the browsing files.
  5. Then, make right-click on the Game’s executable tab.
  6. Now, select the Properties again.

Here is the information regarding the version under the detail tab. Steam will continuously update the Game to the latest version on the default settings, so the version you are running is likely the latest one available. Through the simple method, you will understand how to check the Game version on Steam.

Method 2: Check Game Version by Properties on Steam

Indeed it’s an excellent approach to compare the version of a game between two Steam players. That is the fact that many people find where to play.

  1. Open the library of Steam.
  2. Navigate the Game you want to check.
  3. Make right-click on the game name.
  4. Now select the Properties.
  5. Close the Local File tab.
  6. From here, you get a version of developers.
  7. Compare the numbers with the other’s version.

Whenever a player has the license of the Game’s version, the other player takes it from another. That is one of the common problems, but when a user stops updating his version, there are various ways to determine the software version simultaneously. Here we will explain how to check the game version on Steam to sort out the problem.

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Method 3: Check the Version by Game Folder on Steam

Some instructions are here to find the version of the game on Steam. Pay little attention and understand how to check Game Version on Steam by using a game folder. Follow the basic instructions.

  1. Click on the View Local File.
  2. Be aware the same folder might access.
  3. Type the name of your disk.
  4. Now, add the game name.
  5. Then go to the game folder.
  6. Then go to the Program Files.
  7. Find the Game’s EXE file.
  8. Hover over the EXE file.
  9. The version will appear on the information bar.
  • Click on the EXE file.
  • Now, select the Properties of the data.
  • Choose details of the data you want in the file version.

Method 4: Check Game Version from Main Menu on Steam

Some game keeps the launch date of their version. The drawback affects some users, and not all game developers add the information on the home page.

  1. Go to the Steam.
  2. Open the main menu of the Game.
  3. Data about the Game appears on the home page.
  4. Get the Version information from the About Game section.

Game Version can help you to find where you can play the game download. After refreshing the storage manager, you can see how much space is left this way and move the Game to another device if you need to.

Method 5: Check Game Version from History on Steam

While playing games on Steam, you will know that Steam saves your information on your History. If you have not deleted the download history, you will find how to check Game Version on Steam by History.

  1. Go to the download page of Steam
  2. The view news link option is present on the right of the page.
  3. Move ahead to the Steam News page of the Game.
  4. Here we know the recent update changed by the Game.

The gamers have the details about the size, storage consumption, and version information about Steam. Moreover, it gives details about storage and downloading. Steam release update that makes it easier to manage downloads and move games to another device. If you can clean the download page, it can show the installation process on the download status.

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Method 6: Check Game Version On Steam by Console Commands

Suppose your game obtains the storage to access the console. You can use one of the commands to learn how to check the Game version on Steam. So you can give the command for the version information of the game on Steam.

  1. Add the command version in Counter-Strike.
  2. Overall, Exe Construction is suitable.
  3. Copy the text and send your friend.
  4. Generate the information by console commands.

When you & your friend play a game online together, you need to know how to check the Game version on Steam. Like you and your friend playing a campaign together and installing various game versions, all versions oppose the campaign mode. Therefore, you need to customize a setting that demands the version of the Game that you are unaware of.

Hopefully, we answered your question about how to check the Game version on Steam by following different methods and steps. Any suitable way will lead you to the game version on Steam in a unique approach. If you like our effort, share the post with your friends. Give your feedback in the comment section. Your opinion is precious to us. Thanks for your attention.

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