How to Connect Roku to Wifi without Remote?

A Roku player allows you to stream thousands of TV programs and movies on TV. But you can not stream any content if there’s something wrong with the remote control. Suppose you have problems with your Roku remote or connection. Here’s how to Connect Roku to Wifi without remote, or with remote no matter what kinda remote you have.

5 Methods to Connect Roku to Wifi:

There are various ways to connect Roku to Wifi with remote or without with connecting button or without it. In search of how to connect Roku to Wifi without a remote, we will discuss all the possible ways of connection. Meanwhile, we will tell you about the kinds of remote like IR remote and Enhance remote.

Method to Connect Roku to Wifi without Remote:

Connect your Roku player to your TV to connect Roku IR remote and a power source. Now insert new batteries in the remote and hit any button. The connecting procedure will start automatically if your remote is close to the player.

  1. Plug the Roku device into your power outlet and TV.
  2. Then change the TV to the HDMI input of the Roku device.
  3. Do it by pressing the Source button or Input on your remote.
  4. Insert batteries in Roku remote to make it functional.
  5. Hit any button on the remote.
  6. Doing so will connect your remote to the Roku WIFI device.
  7. Since you are using an IR, ensure you are in the sightline of the Roku device.

Through the simple method, you will get to know how to connect Roku to Wifi without a Remote.

Kinds of Roku Remote:

Here we mention Two types of existing Roku remote controls available in the market.

Infrared Remote:

The standard infrared remote needs a straight sightline with the Roku player. Recheck your IR remote if you don’t see a connecting button in the compartment of the battery.

Enhance Point Remote:

It has an enhanced point anywhere in remote control. On the other hand, it has a microphone button, a headphone jack, and other features.

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Method to connect Roku Enhanced Remote to Wifi:

Insert new batteries in the remote to connect the Roku device to an enhanced remote. Then turn the Roku device on and place the remote near your device. That will start the connecting to the Wifi. After that, your remote will be ready to use and prompt on the screen.

  1. Then turn on the TV and change the HDMI input of your Roku device. Do that by pressing the Input or Source button on your TV remote or TV.
  2. Please remove the compartment of the battery and replace them.
  3. Suppose you don’t have batteries replacement; you can remove and put them back.
  4. Replace the remote near the Roku device. Doing so will connect the remote to the Roku device.
  5. Wait for the complete connection.
  6. You will see a message on the TV screen that says, Pairing remote…
  7. After a few moments, the remote will connect and be ready to use it.

Suppose you tried to know how to Connect Roku to Wifi without remote with both methods, and none of them work; you might have to reset your remote. Here’s how:

Method to Connect an IR Enhanced Roku Remote:

To reset an enhanced Roku remote:

  1. Disconnect your Roku player.
  2. Remove batteries and connect the Roku player again.
  3. When you see a Roku logo on the screen, put the batteries back in.
  4. Push the pairing button and wait until the connection process completes.
  5. Unplug the Roku player from the power outlet.
  6. Now remove the batteries from the Roku remote.
  7. After 5 seconds, plug the Roku player in it.
  8. Replace the batteries in the remote once you see the Roku logo on the screen.
  9. Press and hold the connecting button in the battery compartment.
  • Wait for the Roku to complete the connecting process. You will see a prompt on TV as the remote successfully connects.

A method with Connecting Button on Roku Remote:

For the enhanced “point anywhere” remotes, the connecting button on your Roku remote locates in the battery compartment. You may find this by opening up the battery compartment. Then, follow the steps to find the connecting button on the Roku remote.

  1. Go to the battery compartment of the Roku remote.
  2. Locate the connecting button near the bottom of the battery compartment.
  3. The position of the indicator light is on the front side of the remote, depending on the Roku remote model.
  4. Otherwise, the light is present on the right beside the connecting button, inside the battery compartment. 

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Method Without Connecting Button on Remote:

Ensure that nothing is blocking a signal from the remote to the device to connect a Roku remote that does not have a connecting button. In that case, try to reset the batteries or add new batteries.

Obstructions Elemination:

Your standard IR Roku remote will only if it’s pointed directly at your player. Remove objects blocking the signal from the remote to the streaming device to connect it properly.

Resetting Batteries:

Often, connecting will not work if the batteries are not positioned correctly in the compartment. Please eliminate them and replace them again. Now, point the remote at the streaming device and check if that solves the problem.

Replacement of Batteries:

Resetting the batteries or removing obstructions don’t work. Maybe it is time to replace batteries.

  1. Get new, place them in the battery compartment.
  2. Now, point the remote to the player.
  3. And check if it starts connecting.

We are probably successful in telling you everything about how to connect Roku to Wifi without remote, with remote, with a connecting button, or without connecting button. Every method is convenient and safe to play. Please kindly try it and give your feedback in the comment section. Thanks for reading. Take Care. Bye!

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