How to create a Poll on Facebook Groups, and Pages?

Facebook Polls can help you unravel your audience’s problems, what you create next, and the brands’ true sentiments. Meanwhile, it helps make strategic business decisions, and Facebook Polls can do other beautiful things for online presence.

The article is a guide to tell you how to create a Poll on Facebook. This article teaches how to create, use Polls on Facebook and how polling audiences can help the business grow and research worth.

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Methods to Create Facebook Polls:

In past days you create a Facebook poll by the Newsfeed or timeline. Now, the only way to share a Poll is on a Facebook Group, an event page, a story, or on Messenger. 

12 Steps to create Polls on Facebook Groups:

Facebook Groups are the best of tools for brands on the social platform of media. It offers to create a community and improve customer engagement. 76% of SEO budgets wasted. Book a call with my consulting company to see how to create a Poll on Facebook, a trick to get more of the account, and drive massive traffic.

  1. Go to the Facebook Newsfeed on desktop or mobile.
  2. Click on the Groups icon on the left side menu.
  3. And select the group for the Poll.
  4. To create a post, click on the What’s on your mind section.
  5. Navigate to the Add option to the post section when the pop-up loads.
  6. And click on the three dots to explore more options.
  7. Add to the post screen loads with various options.
  8. Select the Poll from the list.
  9. It will take back to the Create post-pop-up.
  10. And you can start adding poll options in the Writing section.
  11. When you have added all options, click on Poll Options. From here, you can choose if people can add options and vote for more than one option.
  12. Once you do, click the Post to create a Poll.

Here, we break down the steps on the subject of how to create a Poll on Facebook. Within the group with an original profile and business page sample.

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11 Steps to Create Poll on Facebook Page by SmartPhones:

Let’s see how to create a Poll on Facebook on your SmartPhones. More than 250 million people use Stories and its prime real estate on the users’ News Feeds. Creating a poll is not valuable and fun! Way to connect with the audience.

  1. On your, Smartphone opens the Facebook App.
  2. Navigate to the Facebook Page by tapping on the Hamburger icon on the left side of the screen.
  3. You can see the page in the shortcuts section or scroll down and tap on the Pages button.
  4. Around the profile picture, tap on the blue circle with the plus sign.
  5. Select the Create a Story from the dropdown list.
  6. Until you see the Poll card, swipe to the left.
  7. Write the question.
  8. And customize the Yes and No options.
  9. Choose a color gradient background.
  10. Upload a photo from the camera roll.
  11. Tap the Share Now button when you do it.

Your followers view the percentage of votes, but you can see how many votes any option receives and each person’s votes.

15 Steps to create Polls on Facebook Messenger:

As you can not post polls on News Feed, Facebook adds the functionality to group chats in Messenger for an account. Fortenilly, Facebook will roll out the feature to discussions for business pages on Polls creation. It will be an excellent way to carry out quick customer satisfaction surveys.

Here is how to create a Poll on Facebook to conduct satisfaction surveys do it due to circumstances.

  1. Open a Group Chat
  2. Or Create a New Poll on Facebook.
  3. In Messenger, Windows, tap the + option present at the bottom next to the Text Box.
  4. Another window pops out.
  5. Now, select the Facebook Poll Icon.
  6. And Type in Your Question.
  7. Add Your Options and Tap on Create a Poll option.
  8. Meanwhile, allow you to share it with your group.
  9. Create a Poll on Facebook.
  10. Click on the Poll icon.
  11. Now, go back to the create a post screen.
  12. Here you can add the options and questions.
  13. Add more answers by making click on the +Add option.
  14. Use Poll Options to offer people to add options and enable or disable people from choosing multiple solutions.
  15. When you are ready to post, click on the Post button to add it to the event’s page. 

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20 Steps to create Polls on Facebook Video:

More than 500 million people on Facebook watch videos every day, to marketing mix you cannot go wrong with adding video content. But how to create a Poll on Facebook to survey by Facebook video Polls. Do people get to engage with it once? It’s an easy way to particularize a viewer-watching experience and provide them to snap of passively consuming content. We tell you how to create a Poll on Facebook.

  1. Upload a Video to the Facebook Page or head it over to Creator Studio to edit a video that you posted to the page.
  2. Now, click on Edit Post Button to edit the previously published videos. 
  3. You can edit the video’s title from a new window loaded with captions and tags.
  4. Then, select the Polls option to continue from the right side of the pop-up.
  5. Scroll the page down until you get greyed out in the Poll section.
  6. Select the Poll option.
  7. And click on the blue-colored Create Poll button.
  8. Ask a question by adding.
  9. The video will appear with a slider on the left side of the pop-up.
  10. Now, you can move it to the section of the video.
  11. Here it would be best if you polled that it appears on Windows.
  12. On the right side, you can fill the question in and answer in as options.
  13. By default, there are two options to start.
  14. But one can add up to six by clicking on the +Add another option button.
  15. Choose Poll Settings from the page.
  16. Scroll the page down to finalize poll settings.
  17. When you want the Poll to show up, specify its duration.
  18. Similarly, when you want to publish the results.
  19. Save the Facebook Video Poll to share.
  20. Click on the Save button to start conducting research!

By asking the right question like how to create a Poll on Facebook, you will learn all possible strategies to match the needs of your followers and give them that WOW, this is for my experience.

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