How to Disable Family View on Steam? | 5 Simple Steps

In the modern world, on-demand access is the name of the game. And we really do mean “game”. While the word “On Demand” typically conjures up images of streaming platforms, the scope of the term is far broader. Gaming, particularly the type on platforms like Steam or Origin, is also a form of on-demand entertainment. Steam, by far, is the most popular on-demand gaming platform today, and it comes with a host of exciting features to make gaming more accessible to everyone.  

Why You May Need to Disable Family View on Steam 

The video game industry has come very far since the early days of Nintendo or Sony. In fact, both PC and console gaming are just as common in American homes as high-quality TV plans these days. And platforms like Steam are a big reason behind this growth. It allows users to sign up for free and gain access to its library of both free-to-play and premium paid games. All you have to do is buy a paid game and download it onto your PC for uninterrupted gaming sessions. 

However, some well-intentioned features on the platform can sometimes interfere with your gaming experience, such as Steam Family View. Though Family View can help you ensure all users on your account have their access to mature-content games restricted. However, it can become an annoyance when gamers aged 13 and above are trying to access games. Luckily, solving the issue is pretty straightforward. Read on for a quick walkthrough:  

5 Easy Steps to Disable Family View on Steam:

Be sure to have all your account information on hand before you begin these steps. Otherwise, you will waste time looking for the basics like your steam credentials, PIN codes, and other stuff.  If at all possible, make all changes to your account from a trusted machine that you already use regularly. Otherwise, you may have to deal with additional authentication and verification before you can start making changes to your Family View configuration.  

Step #1: Logging into Steam  

You can’t change any account settings without logging into the desktop application. If you don’t already have it on your PC, download it now. Once installed, log in using your Steam username and password. The platform is free to download and sign up for. So, if you’re a first-time user, all you have to do is click “Join Now” instead of “Sign In”. Simply follow the onscreen instructions to create a new Steam user account. If you already have one, you can skip to the next step straight away.  

Step #2: Looking for Family View Settings 

Once you’ve logged into Steam, look for the sandwich icon near the top left of the Steam main window. This will open up a drop-down menu containing several options and information about your Steam account. Scroll down the list until you find the field titled “My Account”. Clicking on this will open up another menu page. On this second menu page, look for the “Family View” button.

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Step #3: Configuring Family View as Needed 

Once you have found the Family View button, click on it. The resulting page will have information and options concerning Family View Support. Click on the button that allows you to manage the Family View settings on your account. Also take time to look through the useful FAQs, by clicking the FAQs button on the same page. Once the page opens, you’ll be able to configure Family View settings, specify restricted games, or only allow downloads from your main user library. You can also toggle the Family View on or off depending on your preferences.  

Step #4: Setting Up PIN and Recovery Email  

Once done, Steam may prompt you to add a recovery email if you don’t already have one. This can help you recover your account and associated data if you forget your credentials or your account is hacked. Part of the data includes a 4-Digit PIN. This PIN opens up access to all major settings, including any changes you want to make to Family View in the future.  

Step #5: Verify Code and PIN to Save Settings 

Once done, Steam will send a verification code to your email address. Locate this code and enter it to authenticate the changes. Steam may also prompt you to enter your PIN, especially if you disable or enable Family View settings. Once you enter the information correctly, Steam saves your new settings and configuration across all devices associated with the account.

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