How to do a Reverse image search on your Android/IOS Devices?

Reverse image search is the featured technique that allows users to search by images instead of text. Image search techniques and tools come in handy when you want to find an image from the web or details about an image that you already have in your storage. This image search technique is not new, and you should know that it has been here in the digital market for the last two decades. Today, this search technique is being used for multiple purposes. The major ones are finding similar photos published online or finding the origin of the image you have received.

Today, people are more aware of reverse image searches. You would be surprised to know that image searching alone marks more than 30% of the total search volume of Google. As technology is advancing, so is the use of mobile phones. So you might be thinking about whether you can try out this reverse search technique on your mobile or not!

Yes, you can surely do an image search on your mobile. In this post, we will list out some of the popular ways you can use, so if you want to learn how to make a reverse search on images on your phone, then you are in luck today. Just read about the different ways in the next section.

Popular ways to do a reverse image search on Android phones:

There are multiple ways to search by images on mobiles. Still, we will highlight the most popular and reliable ones in this section.

Google reverse image search on Android phones (search engine)

Google doesn’t only help you with keyword or text-based searching; rather, you can also utilize this search engine for reverse image searching. The Google image search extension is fully functional for Android phones and tablets. To use this utility and search by an image, you have to:

First of all, open the Google image search engine on your browser. When you open the search engine on your mobile, you will not see the camera icon in the search bar visible on desktops. To view the camera icon, you have to use the settings on your browser and enable the ‘desktop view/version’!

As you click on the desktop version/site, the search engine will reload, and you will see a clearer and zoomed-out view of the search page. You can locate the camera icon in the search bar on the right side. 

Click on this camera icon to open up options for reverse searching. A popup box would appear on which you would see multiple input options. You can enter the image or the image URL you want to search by. After entering the image file, click on the ‘search’ button. The tool would get you detailed results regarding the origin of the image and all kinds of similar & relevant images online.

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Reverse Image Search via third-party web-based tools for android

Some people don’t trust Google when it comes to searching by images, and this is because the search engine tends to save your input data to build its database. If you want to make a discreet image search, you can use third-party photo search utilities. 

You can use these tools on both desktops and Android phones. If you want to search by images with these tools on your phone, you have to open Chrome and navigate to the picture search tool.

Once you open the image search tool, you will see a big box to find different input options. You can drop or upload images from your gallery, search by image URL, or enter keywords to search for an image.

To make a reverse image search, you need to enter the image you have in your storage or the URL of the image you have seen on the web; after entering the image, click on the ‘search similar images’ button and wait for the results. You would get detailed results about the image in less than ten seconds and from multiple different search engines. Here you must know that these reverse picture search utilities are free for mobile users may they be using android or windows.

Reverse Image Search & Photo Application via Google Play apps

Having an android phone means that you have access to thousands of free applications available on the Google play store. If you don’t want to search by images through search engines and website tools manually, you can always install the reverse image search app.

You have to install the best reverse image search app and follow the simple steps to do a reverse search! First, you have to open the installed application and go through the interface to understand it better.

You would see upload options to enter images from the appropriate storage folders. You can enter the image or enter the image URL, just like you can do with website tools.

After completing the input process, you have to tap on the search for similar images button. The application would analyze the image and compare it with billions of images indexed on the web. You would be directed to the browser results from the links in the results.

All three of these ways are popular and reliable if you want to search by images on your android mobile but if you are an iPhone user and want to make a reverse search on your ios device then you need to follow the simple ways listed below.

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How to do a reverse image search on iPhone and mac?

If you want to search for an image on iPhone then the simple way is by using google. You have to open the image search extension on Safari. You would not see the camera icon on the search engine page that appears to you but you can easily get it by tweaking the settings of the browser.

You would see the share button on the bottom of the Safari browser. Use it and scroll down to find the option that says ‘request desktop site’. The browser would act on your permission and would open up the desktop view of google images. 

In the search bar, you would see the camera icon using which you can upload an image you want to search. You can enter images from your photo library. After entering the image, tap on the search button to get results.

Making a search on mac is simple because you would get the desktop site view by default when you open google images!

Can you use apps for a reverse image search for ios devices?

If you don’t want to take the manual route and search images by google then you can always rely on the IOS apps. Yes! Just like android’s google play, you are going to find hundreds of reliable image search applications on your IOS store. You can install the best application from the store and make a reverse image search on the images stored in your local storage.

Here you should know that you can easily install the image searching apps on all kinds of IOS devices. Some of them are free and some might be paid. So it’s up to you to pick the best one!

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