How to Stop a Raid in Minecraft? | 8 Simple Methods

A raid is an in-game feature where waves of mobs, mainly villagers, regenerate and attack a village in Minecraft. Raid starts as a player enters a village with the effects of a bad omen, and although the negative effect do not influence your skills or hurt you in any way, they can affect the village’s health when you have not to take care. Let us inform you how to stop a raid in Minecraft.

8 Method to Stop Raid in Minecraft:

A player can start a raid by using the give commands option. Perhaps you know what a raid is, but do you know how to stop a raid in Minecraft. However, here we mention several ways to explain how to stop raids in Minecraft. Some of the common ways are:

Raid Defeat:

When the villager of the area dies, the player fails in his effort to succeed in a raid. All claim beds destroy. That is when the village attack no longer registers as a village. Therefore, the raiding bar will display a Raid—Defeat message, and all of the hostile mobs participating celebrate.

Raid Expire:

The RaidRaid expires when the player does not fight a raid for a few days and nights. When the Raid expires, the Raid automatically cancels itself when the message in the chatbox appears: This Raid has expired.

Spawn Location:

Suppose the game is unable to locate a spawn location, the Raid gets to stop. Because when a person cannot locate the position of the regeneration how they can raid in Minecraft.

Waves of Mob:

When the player successfully takes down the waves of the mobs. The mobs are the opponent of the Hero, and they resist the Raid.

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Raid Prevention:

Stopping Raid in Minecraft is better than defeating Raids. But they are challenging to undertake and can lead to many villagers’ deaths when has not taken care is not taken. The player defeats the Raid by taking down the waves of the mobs successfully. Defeating a raid needs adequate preparation. Some of the ways that player can prepare for how to stop a Raid in Minecraft includes mention things:

Wall Village:

The first step is to create a wall around the village using blocks, as cobblestone or wood. Raiders have no way to break walls and can not penetrate the wall. That makes them get stuck while trying to locate a path around it. Once you create a perimeter around the village, use a ladder to climb up the wall and shoot the raiders with a bow. Alternatively, create a border around the village using walls or fences.

Block Doors:

An essential strategic preparation against the raider is to wall-off entrances to village houses. If the raiders won’t be any way to access the villagers inside the houses, keep them safe as you fight the raiders.

Set Traps:

Once the village gets walls, set the traps outside the village and perimeter to cause damage to the raiders. Using lava traps and cobwebs traps, slow down the raiders and damage them. Iron golems dispatch very quickly. Holes around the perimeter can use a trap to the raiders and stop the progress.


A raid can defeat by killing the last mob in the Raid in Minecraft. The player defeats the Raid and be the Hero of the village effect, which lasts for three days. The player gets a bunch of gifts thrown for preventing the Raid in Minecraft.

Stopping a raid comes with a positive effect known as Hero of the village. You can reduce trade prices in the village by ending a raid. In advance, we will tell you how to become a Hero of the village and how to stop a raid in Minecraft.

Length of Raid in Minecraft:

If a raid continues for 48,000 ticks in Minecraft, that is 40 mins in real-time, the raiding bar disappears, and a message displays saying: the Raid Expired. Nevertheless, the villagers remain alive after the game expiry until they get killed.

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Required Material in Minecraft:

  • 1 iron sword
  • Expendable blocks
  • 1 water bucket
  • Enough food
  • 1 set iron armor
  • 1 shield
  • 1 bow or crossbow
  • Various Tools

Defeating the Raid:

As soon as the Raid starts, your primary and immediate priority, you should hunt down the raiders and kill them. Ring the village bell to hurt the raider near the glowing status effect and go to the location. Prioritize ravagers, witches, and evokers.

  • Witches heal other raiders in Java edition only.
  • Ravagers destroy crops.
  • Evokers spawn vexes, who damage and pass the walls and floors.

As soon as the current wave gets eliminated, the next one will start in no time. This process will repeat until every wave gets defeat.

Final Thought:

You get the Hero effect award of the village as you kill all raiders and successfully stop a raid. As the raid face defeat, the Hero of the village effect lasts for three in-game days or 60:00 hours. You will get a bunch of gifts thrown at you by villagers for stopping the Raid. Additionally, villagers can trade with you provide discounts.

Hopefully, we explained well how to stop a raid in Minecraft and stop the factors that cause Raid. So, stop the raiders and take precautions before the Raid starts. Like our page, if you like the effort. To appreciate us share the link with your friends. Give you feedback in the comment section. Take Care! Bye!

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