How to Swim in GTA 5 on PC or PS4 or Xbox?

GTA 5 is quite an enormous game. This article will guide you to learn how to swim in GTA 5. As GTA knocked the ledges, it immediately became the famous game of the year. For a reason, GTA 5 became popular among gamers.

Underwater Diving, Swimming, golf playing, and driving on beaches, provide an open-world atmosphere for thrill lovers. Additional to the excitement of lifting cars and being a total brute, the gamer bought the autonomy to travel the world in different styles.

Steps to Swim in GTA 5 on PS3, Xbox 360:

  • Use a joystick in PS3, Xbox 360
  • To speed up, tap the X button in PS3
  • To speed up, tap the A key in Xbox 360

Steps to Swim in GTA 5 on PC:

  • Use the directional key on the PC to swim under the water.
  • To speed up, tap the Shift key on the PC.

Swimming deep in GTA 5, like as; poolside, or the ocean sites, is not a big challenge. In up-to-date GTA, widespread pools, oceans are designed to swim. With the purpose of investigation and research, underwater swimming is a great experience.

Exploration of exciting things makes the game interesting. Like as; unexplored treasure, use of an underwater kit of equipment. The gamer learns additional concepts like water physics, bounce, water resistance, and density, etc. 

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The revival of swimming skills encourages you to stay underwater for a long piece of time. Remember, it increases the speed of swimming. To be the most competent swimmer in Los Santos, you need to apprehend how to swim in GTA 5. Ascertain you apprehend, how to swim in GTA 5, enables yourself to earn points. As you score many points, you find more enjoyable things to do.

For swimming:

  • Press the W key for swimming as running.

For speeding:

  • Hold the Shift key.

For diving:

  • Press the spacebar for diving.


For example, knowing how to swim in GTA 5 on PC lets you:

  • Travel the underwater environment.
  • Relish the sceneries of the deep sea.
  • Participate in the race.
  • Escape the guarded spaces.


Due to GTA 5 exerts position in a ward animated by California, encountering a resource of water is not precisely a dare. You can explore open lakes feed on rivers.


One can penetrate the water by stepping in it. Once the base crosses the figure starts walking on the surface.


Dive in if the water is high. To dive in, press the R1 button in PS3, the RB button in Xbox 360, or the Q key on PC.

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The underwater weapon that might use is a knife. You might need a knife to fend off water monsters. Press the L1 key in PS3, the LB key in Xbox 360, or the Tab key in PC, to equip the knife. To attack, press the round button in PS3, the B button in Xbox 360, or the R key in PC.


On the left corner, a light blue meter is present displays the health of your character. Ascertain, the blue light meter goes down. The figure of the game starts to drop health. Immediately, appear on the surface ere health goes down. The game figure may die.


Meanwhile, the health meter runs low gets back to the surface immediately. Press the directional arrow up. The way you bounce up toward the surface of the water. Hopefully, you understood how to swim in GTA 5. Play your favorite game and have the best ranks. Best of luck!


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