How to Tame a Polar Bear in Minecraft? | Simple Guide!

Ice biome prowl polar bears in Minecraft are tameable, but it is not as simple as taming other animals that players can domesticate. We pen down the points on how to tame a polar bear in Minecraft. There are a lot of tameable creatures in Minecraft. Players collect and breed sheep, chickens, panda bears, and horses in Minecraft. Now, players add polar bears to the list.

Method to Tame a Polar Bear in Minecraft:

Players must bring several fishes for each bear they wish to tame in Minecraft. Feed the fish to the polar bear, and then keep doing so until the red hearts appear above their heads on the screen. It will take several fishes for each bear, so ensure to have plenty on hand. Once the red hearts pop up, the bear is tamed in Minecraft. Players can use polar bears to attack, defend, and even ride. Polar bears are the best animals to tame in Minecraft for usefulness.

Steps to Tame a Polar Bear in Minecraft:

Taming a polar bear takes a bit of finesse but is relatively straightforward. You will need few different items:

  • An anvil
  • A nametag
  • A lead

Once you have three of these items, place an anvil on the ground and then place a nametag in the first slot.

Way to Find Polar Bears in Minecraft:

Polar bears are residents of the icy biomes of Minecraft. Players can find polar bears in babies, and adult polar bears move freely in the wild, and they are tamable. They travel in groups of 1 to 4 bears; the easiest way to tame is to aim for the single bears without a cub. Polar bears are quite aggressive with a baby in tow, so player suite must be extra careful if trying to tame one group.

Polar bears can be tame by feeding them fish, so players need to catch some before taming the white, ice-loving bears in the Minecraft world.

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Polar Bears Food in Minecraft:

To tame a polar bear, players need loads of fish. Meanwhile, to get the fish in Minecraft, players might need a fishing rod. Here we mention few ways to get one.

  • Players can have their craft fishing rods at a crafting table
  • Get three sticks and two strings.
  • Raiding castles
  • Stealing from villagers
  • Fishing rods can fish out of the water.
  • Random chests all over the map
  • Enchanted fishing rods can find in underwater ruins.
  • Players can explore submarine life by making Potions for underwater Breathing.

Fishing rods earn fishing faster by 5 seconds with tool enchantment in Minecraft. Players want to fish the weather is nice in water exposed to direct sun or moonlight. Suppose fishing pole bobbers are unexposed to direct sun and moonlight. Meanwhile, players will wait approximately double between fish, and rain further reduces the speed. To get many possible fishes in a short period, players should fish with an enchanted rod in the sun while the weather is clear in Minecraft.

Polar bears prefer salmon, and this fish can find about anywhere. Salmon and other fish can tame cats and bribe dolphins to lead players to unique underwater places. Suppose players don’t want to go by the trouble of fishing for salmon; they kill polar bears to get raw salmon instead of using it to tame bears that are alive.

Updated May 20th, 2021 by Mina Smith:

Minecraft continues to enhance and change as new updates, DLC, and other additions come out. The guide needed a few points for clarity and changes. Hopefully, the latest updates will help all Minecraft players to better tame polar bears in the game.

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Now, change the name tag to the desired name to give the polar bear and reclaim the used name tag from the anvil. Here, press to use on the polar bear with the name tag, and it will have the name you chose so that it will not degenerate quickly.

Afterward, use the lead on the Polar bear, and then follow you around wherever you go. It’s not an easy nor efficient taming method that is as great as other animal’s versions of taming, but this is the best way to do so.

Polar bears are temperamental but valuable animals to gain if you tame them. With their attack power and above-average health, it would be criminal not to use their strengths to advantage if you happen to be around an ice or snow-themed biome where they make their haunts.

Hopefully, we explained how to tame a polar bear in Minecraft and highlighted all the points to make readers understand the all possible way to tame their polar bear in the game. Give feedback in the comment section to appreciate the effort to like and share the page. Take Care! Bye!

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