How to Upgrade Iban Staff? | Simple Guide!

This article is about how to upgrade Iban staff. For the upgraded version, see Iban high values and properties to find how and why to upgrade the Iban Staff.

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Ways to Upgrade Iban Staff:

Iban Staff uses to cast Iban Blast in the game. It concerns by destroying the sinister mage Lord Iban in the completion of the Underground route journey. Here are various ways to learn how to upgrade Iban Staff.

Magic and Seizure Upgrades Iban Staff:

Iban Staff needs 50 Magic and 50 Seizure to operate. The Casting Blast on a beast utilizes one charge from the Iban Staff. They determine it on another gamer who consumes two shells. Casting the other spells, as Fire Blast, do not cost.

Kill Upgrade Iban Staff:

Suppose Iban Staff loses before completing the Underground route hunt. Followers of the Iban Staff need to kill for a damaged Iban staff.

Repair Damage to Upgrade Iban Staff:

Ascertain the quest completes, Koftik gives a corrupt Iban Staff to the player. At the Underground route entrance, the damaged Iban Staff must get to the Dark Mage with 200,000 coins to repair the damage.

Score Upgrade Iban Staff:

The Dark Mage upgrades the Iban Staff to an Iban Staff for 200,000 coins, which progresses the fair it holds to 2,500 coins, instead of 120 coins and fully credits the Iban Staff. A damaged Iban Staff gets to repair and upgrade at a time for 400,000 coins.

Major Hit Upgrade Iban Staff:

The major hit of Iban Blast is 25 in the game. Make up-gradation possible in Iban Staff with excellence for low-level player killing and Barrows. The hack is helpful to learn how to upgrade Iban Staff by killing the other player.

Medium Task Solving:

When Iban Staff fails in Player vs. Player under level 20 Wilderness, it will drop to the ground and pick up. Upgrading the Iban Staff or operating an Iban Staff is a medium Ardougne Diary task.

Zamora Well Upgrade Iban Staff:

Here is how to upgrade Iban Staff and credit upgraded Iban Staff or a regular Iban Staff. The gamers brought Iban to the Flames of Zamora well. The Zamora well is present in the Underground route, and it recharges Iban without any cost.

Weapons Upgrades Iban Staff:

For recharging, you require a spade, a bow, rope, and at least one arrow. It is not needed for the paladins to get kills again. Weapons and killings allow upgrading Iban Staff. the way you will know how to upgrade Iban Staff.

Travel Upgrades Iban Staff:

Ascertain, the Regicide completes, the traveling of Isafdar to the well is easier. Suppose the player completes the Mourning End Part 2 Well ranges by utilizing the Abyss to face the Death Altar.

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Loot Upgrades Iban Staff:

The booty or loot progressively impacts the game. Indirectly it upgrades the Iban Staff.

  1. Switch to the game.
  2. Then, enter the Underground route.
  3. The underground way is by the secret passage.
  4. The private passage lead gamer to the Temple of Light.
  5. Then use the staircases to reach the top floor of the Underground routes.
  6. The head for the door is in the north-eastern corner.
  7. Alternatively, gamers who might play the Dark Mage 100,000 coins need to credit the standard Iban Staff.
  8. Or 250,000 coins need to credit the upgraded Iban Staff.

The way the gamers get a better idea of how to upgrade to Steam.

Arduous Trek to Upgrade Iban Staff:

The Dark Mage of the West Ardougne suggests an innovative service of renewing Iban Staff. As you complete the Underground route, thus saving you from an Arduous Trek down to the way itself.

Wizard to Upgrade Iban Staff:

You can find the Dark Mage in West Ardougne offers the gamers a magical wizard that upgrades to the Iban Staff that permit it to hold 2,500 coin credit. The Magical wizard can teach us how to upgrade Iban Staff.

Equipment Upgrade Iban Staff:

Every time the gamer equips Iban Staff, the game chat states that training the Staff of Iban.

Gamers have to get staves by dab tricking while killing a follower of Iban to contact multiple damaged Iban Staff that can repair all. However, all duplicate teams bestow the same quantity of credit.

Properties of Iban:

Formerly the property of Iban staff is here to tell you how to upgrade Iban Staff. Here we mention few features.


  • Non-Tradeable
  • Equipable
  • Stackable
  • Destroy when Drops.
  • Examine ancient Staff.

Koftik Helps to Upgrade:

Koftik is a human-like game character in Iban that serves as a guide by the Underground route while playing the quest. Koftik teaches the gamers different ways to make fire-arrows enter the pass indirectly; it helps to upgrade and learn how to upgrade Iban Staff. Same time it appears by the dungeon.

Utilities to Upgrade Iban Staff:

Through pursuance, Koftik gives the gamer little food at most of the spots in prison because of its danger. However, if you recently claim little food from Koftik, you need to wait for some time. The food type utilities make you understand how to upgrade Iban Staff.

Victories Upgrade Iban Staff:

During the journey, Koftik loses his mind upon Iban’s reputation. As the Iban slays at the end of the trip, he reacquires the sanity in the game end. After starting the Regicide pursuit, he finds the Well of Voyage in the Underground route.

Hopefully, we have explained the whole idea of how to upgrade Iban Staff. Keep in touch and stay with us. Please give your feedback and allow us to make improvements. Thank you.

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