RuneScape 3 Elder God Wars Dungeon – Bosses and Generals

The Elder God Wars Dungeon in RuneScape 3, also called the God Wars Dungeon 3, is located in Senntisten ancient ruins and is the last of the three God Wars Dungeons. The EGDW is like the other two God Wars Dungeons; God Wars Dungeon, and Heart of Gielinor.

It has four fronts in the dungeon. However, the EGWD differs from the other two because, instead of fighting themselves, the four different factions join forces to fight the Senntisten Cathedral. Each of the fronts of the EGWD has an Elder God and a General or, better put, a Boss.

Fighting the fronts on the EGWD will be much easier if players buy Runescape gold. In this article, you will learn about the bosses or generals of Elder God Wars Dungeons and the exciting rewards you can earn from subduing them.

Generals of Elder God Wars Dungeon:

The General or the Boss is at the end of the faction’s front. These generals have different strengths; knowing them and their strengths would help you understand them better and have more fun in the game.


Kerapac is a well-known dactyl dragonkin subdued back into Jas’s service during the Desperate Measures event.

Kerapac comes with two elder artifacts, a Needle and Siphon, and can manipulate time to his benefit. He can also replicate himself to increase his fighting chances.

Players who can subdue Kerapac can receive different kinds of exciting rewards, including:

Scripture of Jas

This is a god book that players can use to store damages and release them later after the expiration of the effect.

Kerapac wrist wraps

This is a magical power glove in the tier 85 level. With this reward, players can deal great damage in one hit when combined with dragon breath.

Codex for Greater Concentrated Blast Ability

This reward allows players to upgrade the Concentrated Blast to higher variants, making it harder and faster.

Arch Glacor

These are beings summoned by the Elder God, Wen. Compared to their smaller brethren, Arch Glacors are more gigantic and tower-like.

Arch Glacors are not like the other generals in EGWD. In a normal mood, they are more easily customizable. They make introducing players to bossing easy by giving them mechanics that players can easily toggle on and off.

But this comes at a cost because they are less rewarding, and the mechanics are fewer. A player can only fight Arch Glacor in hard mode.

Players who can subdue Arch Glacor can receive different kinds of exciting rewards, including:

  • ●  Scripture of Wen – A god book that players can use to inflict damage and materials they can use to create several items. Like the Dark Ice sliver and Dark ice shard.
  • ●  Melee weapons that are in the tier 85 levels.
  • ●  Cosmetics wings and Kerapac’s Wrist traps upgrades.
  • ●  Nightmare gauntlets, gloves of passage to the level of tier 90. In hard mode, players can receive a very important reward that can help them upgrade some of their tier 85 weapons and materials to tier 95.

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Croesus is not like other Generals or Bosses in EGWD. It has no hard mode and is also a weapon designed and created by a group of Alchemists, the Zarosian alchemists. The General is a fungal monster that caused much damage and havoc to Senntisten City during the war in the Second Age.

The havoc was so great that the Elder God Zaros had no choice but to intervene. Any player who plans to fight Croesus must be a master of skills, as the challenge is mainly around skilling. Croesus’s strong point is its ability to choke its enemies’ lives out with its powers.

Players who can subdue Croesus can receive different kinds of exciting rewards, including:

  • ●  Sana’s Fyrtorch (incomplete variants)
  • ●  Cryptbloom armor
  • ●  Tagga’s Corehammer
  • ●  Magic tank set at tier 90
  • ●  Lots of other bonus rewards, like the ability to reduce melee damage and magic, the ability to increase damage when attacking enemies from behind, and lots more.


This an ancient and powerful warrior from the second age. He ascended to become a demigod after claiming the Fight Kiln as his.

For players to fight Zuk, or considered fight worthy, they must fight Tzekhar waves, similar to Fight Kiln and Fight Caves. The Tzekhar waves are variants of Har-Aken and Jad.

Rewards players can receive from defeating TzKal-Zuk include the following:

  • ● For normal mode, if checkpoints are used: the codex for the Magma Tempest ability allows players to unlock the ability of Magma Tempest.
  • ● For normal modes, when checkpoints are used: Players get different rewards, an igneous stone most importantly. The igneous stone has unique abilities to upgrade a player’s TokHaar cape into the variants of TzekHaar, which gives the players better buffs and stats to Omni power.

Players can receive Zuk’s sword in hard mode, but only in parts. Players who can perfectly complete hard mode get a combination of all three capes, their effects, and bonuses.

Another reward players can receive after subduing TzKal-Zuk is the Scripture of Ful. This god book allows players to activate not too real berserk without any adrenaline. However, Berserk is weaker, five times weaker than the real deal.

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Also known as the god or lord of chaos, this General ascended as a Maahjarrat and began invading Gielinor after the Extinction Event.

Zamorak is not like most of the bosses in EGWD. Players do not fight Zamorak immediately. To fight Zamorak, players must first complete the Zamorakian undercity Elite Dungeon. Once they have defeated the number of bosses required to proceed and fight Zamorak, then they will enter the Wilderness crater.

However, in freedom mode, if it is unlocked, a specific level of enrage or successfully clearing the 25 times helps to make the dungeon clearing optional.

Zamorak abilities are numerous while battling a player. In the battle, players can create buffs, to which Zamorak can create a debuff.

Once Zamorak is defeated, a player receives the following rewards:

  • ●  Lost Knowledge codex
  • ●  Chaos Roar Ability codex
  • ●  Havoc armor vestments
  • ●  Power weapons at tier 95
  • ●  Power armor at tier 70
  • ●  The Last Guardian Bow’s (parts), etc.

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