Why is using an SMTP Relay service important?

Simple Mail Protocol Transfer (SMTP) is responsible for sending bulk emails. It is especially important for sending outgoing emails which need not be responded to by the email’s recipient.

Though POP (Post Office Protocol) and IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) are important Messages Accessing Agents (MAAs) to retrieve emails, SMTP plays a major role in allowing the user to send mail to the mail server. Any bulk email, like marketing emails, will fall under SMTP. 

Relaying email means transferring mail from one server to another, whereas SMTP is the protocol that helps in transferring email outwards from one server to another. An SMTP Relay Service provider will act as the third party which delivers all the transactional and bulk email messages to the customers. They provide expertise and advanced application experience to all the businesses using them.

Benefits and importance of an SMTP Relay Service

The major goal of SMTP relay service is seamless bulk email delivery while the technical ability to send them is not compromised or jeopardized. Other major benefits are as follows:

  • Spam Filters

There are chances that the bulk email that is sent may be considered spam by the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and may not reach the recipient’s inbox when an authentic medium is not used.

Hence, using an SMTP relay service provider will help maintain a good reputation on the company’s domain and IP address compared to other virtual server machines. They use many tools to ensure their reputation and trustworthiness are highly maintained.

  • Transactional Emails

Let’s consider the scenario of banks that are sending OTPs, transaction details, or a password reset through the mail system.

Here, SMTP will help businesses to scale a large amount of email that cannot be done in a personal email application. In the case of senders with high volumes, the ability to engage and support an unlimited number of customers is increased using an SMTP relay service.

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  • 24X7 Support

By using SMTP relay services, businesses can get excellent technical support. When the service is down or emails are not sent and bounced, the technical team can provide help quicker.

Hence the total email infrastructure is maintained with quality and high standards, and any tricky challenge can be solved easily. A 24/7 support team will be available to secure the system from any types of hackers or untrusted sender.

  • Email Analytics

Insights on the number of emails sent, emails that have bounced back, why it happened, and more information on the data can be obtained from SMTP relay service providers.

The number of clicks, the number of customers who opened it, and the number of people who marked it as spam or unsubscribed can all be obtained here. This can help businesses make decisions that can improve user efficiency through strategic marketing solutions.

  • Easy to Use

SMTP has good user interfaces. However, a good UI is always pleasing and also easy to use. Searching through the system for a specific email is much easier with a good UI. This can save time since the SMTP relay service is finely optimized.

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