Jackson Markus

Why is using an SMTP Relay service important?

Simple Mail Protocol Transfer (SMTP) is responsible for sending bulk emails. It is especially important for sending outgoing emails which need not be responded to by the email’s recipient. Though POP (Post Office Protocol) and IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) are important Messages Accessing Agents … Read More

Improve operational efficiency with the data collection app!

Today’s internet-connected world has provided healthcare services with information at their fingertips, increasing their ability to make confident health-related decisions. The social patient has now upped the bar for providers’ healthcare expectations. Meeting these expectations and offering expanded services for an expanding population is a … Read More

Best Practices for Data Retention!

Data retention is crucial for any organization to protect information and maintain compliance. But what data should be kept, in what format, and for how long? These are essential questions to consider when developing a data retention policy. Organizations must also decide who has the … Read More