Best TV For Nintendo Switch in 2023

Are you a Nintendo enthusiast who wants to play games and is in search of the best TV Nintendo Switch? You’ve come to the right place if you want to get your hands on the best Nintendo Switch television! 

We understand Nintendo’s specifications and how this multiplayer console requires a vast 4K screen to connect. Why not, right? It is appropriate for the company’s honour! The Nintendo Switch has the unique ability to transform from a portable system to a home gaming setup in seconds. 

One of the most intriguing features of the Nintendo Switch is its ability to transform from a handheld device to a home gaming system in seconds. Linking the Switch to a big-screen TV allows you to enjoy your favourite games with your friends in optimal quality. 

Nintendo always focuses on creating consoles that are appropriate for multiplayer gaming. Connecting the Nintendo Switch to widescreen is a terrific way to play, as Nintendo has always been a multiplayer system. Because of its hybrid nature, the Nintendo Switch is genuinely unique. 

It can be used as a handheld device for the game in bed or as a full-fledged home console for a more traditional gaming experience. No other console has yet provided consumers with this amount of control. 

A dock is included in the box with the console. The Switch tablet is inserted into the dock in less than five seconds, making the transition from handheld to docked mode seamless. The Nintendo Switch deserves to be played on a nice TV while docked. 

Even in docked mode, the Switch can only output up to 1080P, so if it’s your only console and you don’t plan on getting anything like the PS5, investing in a more expensive 4K, TV isn’t worth it. For the Switch, an excellent 1080P TV should be sufficient. This article includes a list of the best TV for Nintendo Switch.

Insignia 43-inch Class F30 Series LED 4K
Insignia 43-inch Class F30 Series LED 4K

Insignia 43-inch Class F30 Series LED 4K

  • Fire TV OS is responsive.
  • Alexa comes with a wealth of features and smart home connections.
SAMSUNG 43-Inch Class AU8000 Series Crystal 4K
SAMSUNG 43-Inch Class AU8000 Series Crystal 4K

SAMSUNG 43-Inch Class AU8000 Series Crystal 4K

  • The black levels are fantastic.
  • The design is attractive.
  • Smart and trustworthy
Sony X80J 43 Inch TV 4K Ultra HD LED Smart
Sony X80J 43 Inch TV 4K Ultra HD LED Smart

Sony X80J 43-Inch TV 4K Ultra HD LED Smart

  • Google TV performs admirably.
  • Good color saturation
  • Elegant design

The Buying Guide on Best TV For Nintendo Switch:

Why are there so many gaming devices when there are so many inexpensive TV alternatives with all the essential features? A standard modern TV may meet all of your everyday program and music needs; however, one must be highly selective regarding gaming! Before you go out and buy the best TV for Nintendo Switch, look at our helpful buying guide.

Resolution of screen

The 4Kor super HD quality is one of the most important factors to consider while looking for the most OK TV for Nintendo Switch. It’s an absolute must-have! All Xbox series and games are available in UHD and 4K on the Nintendo Switch. 

If you’re going to spend a lot of money on a new TV, you should search for something with this standard of excellence. When you attach your video game consoles to the large screen, it will allow you to play video games in full swing! I want any TVs in this post because they are all from respected companies and have unique features.

Input Lag (Minimum)

It is complicated to spot potential input lag, as no company has described this in the specification. It all depends on the strength and ability of your search to see how badly your TV displays input lag. The first significant step is to put the brand you want to buy on the candidate list. The following action is to test their performance.

If you’re interested in responsive video games, choosing a smart TV with minimal input delay is ideal. With this advanced feature, you can conveniently play video games through Nintendo Switch without buffering or lag issues.

HDMI ports

I’m interested in buying the best TV for Nintendo Switch, so it’s essential to check the frame rate and HDMI port specifications. Not all HDMI ports protect your game box, which is a waste of money. Any true video game enthusiast has the know-how to launch the Xbox One X, and it is fully operational at 60 frames per second with support for the new HDMI port. Therefore, it’s a good idea to find a TV with at least one v2.0a HDMI socket compatible with 4K displays.

In addition, if you’re on a tight budget and need a masterpiece at an affordable price, it’s even more important to thoroughly inspect all the connectors to determine if they include the v2.0a HDMI port. LG is one of the famous brands to showcase digital devices such as smart TVs for Nintendo Switch that support the latest HDMI 2.1 ports.


This feature correlates with the TV’s 4K and Ultra HD quality. Therefore, if you buy a 4K resolution TV, it also includes a high dynamic range. Combining these two features will allow the TV to display the game screen in a broader and more vibrant color plane. 

HDR is compatible with the Nintendo Switch TV, adding excitement and fun to your gaming experience. There may be some other factors that you may like when buying a new TV. It’s a good idea to list all the requirements for your new TV, so you don’t have to regret anything.


Every designer has their design style. Larger displays with 4K and 8K resolutions, on the other hand, have lower bezels, slim layouts, and lighter options. Even a TV without a notch or TV looks like a picture frame when not in use. 

Inside every TV, a processor processes data from cable modems, satellite dishes, networks, or other sources and displays it. The computing power of large TVs tends to improve. This will make the image smoother, download the streaming material faster, and reduce latency.

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Image quality

TV makers describe brightness differently, but it is always summarized as peak brightness. Pay attention to the number of knits, regardless of the technique used to generate the brighter screen. This is very important if you are searching for a TV that can be installed in a bright environment. 

Depending on the company you check, you will encounter various words related to visual function. Samsung’s QLED TV offers exceptional color and transparency in a small design, and LG’s NanoCell technology offers high magnification, multiple color schemes, and excellent contrast.

Audio quality

We need the most extensive possible audio listening capabilities, so everyone may enjoy themselves while watching TV. Producers strive to create slightly enhanced sounds as audio technology progresses. 

The expense of making any noise will be higher, but it will last longer. It is impossible to overstate the importance of good sound quality in a comfortable atmosphere. A subwoofer and extra speakers are also compatible with the gadget, ensuring high-quality TV audio.

Sony X80J 43 Inch TV 4K Ultra HD LED Smart
Sony X80J 43 Inch TV 4K Ultra HD LED Smart


  • Elegant design
  • Color saturation is good.
  • Google TV performs admirably.


  • Black levels are low.
  • It’s not suitable for current-gen games.

The Sony X80J is available in sizes from 43 inches to 5 sizes. Three of these sizes (55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch versions) have slightly different SKUs at certain retail stores and end in “X80CJ” instead of “X80J”. 

In terms of image quality, it is expected that there will be no performance difference between these models and models with different names. I think our 43-inch devices use IPS-style panels, but you can’t tell if other sizes in the range use similar panels without testing yourself. The IPS 

 panel typically offers better color and a broader viewing angle than the VA panel. Still, the style panel is consistently better when it comes to contrast, providing deeper black levels and less light bleeding. Increase.

Sony is familiar with the concept of quantum dot color enhancement. Its “Triluminos” display technology essentially paves the way for extended LCD colors. The X80J is a prime example of how to instantly expand the color gamut of a display by implementing quantum dots. 

From a color perspective, standard content, such as most content available on basic cables and streaming platforms, has 100% coverage of the SDR color space and is beautifully displayed on the X80J. Powerful TV processing produces smooth, clear images with rich colors and detailed contrast.

With HDR, the color production of the X80J isn’t that impressive, but that’s the end of the job. Our tests have shown that the X80J covers about 89% of the sizeable HDR color space. This is what you would expect from a TV in this class. 

This means that content mastered for HDR (such as certain 4K Blu-rays or flashy streaming exclusives) will look great-expected for bright, high-quality quantum dot TVs. It’s not as colorful as it is, but it does come with IPS-style panels, and while there’s a lot of criticism about the performance of these panels, it offers a much better viewing angle than VA-style panels. Tend to be.

Insignia 43-inch Class F30 Series LED 4K
Insignia 43-inch Class F30 Series LED 4K


  • Fire TV OS is responsive.
  • Alexa comes with a wealth of features and smart home connections.
  • Broad sound


  • The default settings were hideous.
  • Insufficient contrast

The Insignia F30 looks like an affordable TV. Its dark plastic body doesn’t create the prestige of a more expensive TV. And unlike many new (and more expensive) TVs, it still has a relatively thick 0.5-inch bezel around the edges. 

But that’s not annoying either. The included plastic legs also looked a bit cheaper and weren’t as easy to install as those with more expensive TVs like the LG and Samsung. Instead of snapping it into place, you’ll need to screw your feet to the bottom of the TV. You can put the screws in the case with a small hand. Or, if you don’t want to bother with the stand, you can buy a 200 x 200 VESA wall mount.

Three HDMI connections are included on the Insignia F30 Fire TV Edition, one of which enables a returning acoustic channel (ARC) for a simple connection to a soundbar. This figure is quite common for televisions in this price range. 

There’s also an HDMI port input, a coaxial RF antenna connector, and a USB port, but no components television input. The HDMI connections are now on the left side of the TV, with the optic audio format, RCA analog audio, antennae, and HDMI port connectors on the rear. None of them are very straightforward, but it will only be a problem if you regularly alter what’s attached to the TV.

Overall, I got a transparent image, but it’s far from getting a great viewing experience. The underwater scene of MyOctopusTeacher was transparent and realistic. However, when watching TV, make sure that you do not deviate significantly from the center. 

At 45 degrees from the center, the colors change significantly due to the limited viewing angle of the TV. By default, the image looked supersaturated, and the colors were distorted towards red. Looking at Blade Runner 2049 on 4K Blu-ray, the orange sky in the ruins of Las Vegas turned too orange, overwhelming the scene.

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Amazon Fire TV 43 4-Series 4K UHD Smart TV
Amazon Fire TV 43 4-Series 4K UHD Smart TV


  • There are several Fire TV features.
  • Alexa voice control without your hands
    The colors are well-balanced.
  • Input latency is minimal.


  • The color range and contrast are average.
  • There is no Apple AirPlay or Google Cast support.
  • Several game features

Omni uses some chrome around the edges to add to the otherwise understated design. The screen is surrounded by a nearly thin black border, giving it an almost borderless appearance. 

There’s a bezel only at the bottom, a gunmetal stripe with the Fire TV logo in the center, and a small shelf with a near-field mic underneath (a small switch at the bottom turns the mic off). The TV can stand on two wide-spaced metal legs in a V-shape or can be wall-mounted.

Fire TV is behind Google TV and Roku TV in device mirroring. You can mirror your computer screen via WiDi / Miracast, but there is no Apple Airplay or Google Cast to make mirroring your smartphone or computer easy and convenient. On the plus side, Omni offers Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. 

Alexa is standard on all Fire TV media streamers and TVs and is available by holding down the Alexa button on the remote control and speaking. However, Omni has an additional distant world microphone so that you can talk to your TV just like smart speakers like the Amazon Echo and Fire TV Cube (the only other Fire TV device with an Alexa speakerphone). .. say “Alexa” followed by a command and Alexa will respond and display all relevant information on your TV.

The contrast number of the Omni is not noticeable. Its direct LED backlight system is not exceptionally bright, and there is no zone dimming to improve the black level. We obtained about the same numbers when using SDR or HDR signals and when measuring the optical output using a full-frame white or 18% white patch. 

Omni is a bit better, but not enough when it comes to color performance. The graph above shows the color measurements of the SDR signal compared to the broadcast standard Rec.709 and the HDR signal compared to the film mode digital cinema standard DCIP3.

SAMSUNG 43-Inch Class AU8000 Series Crystal 4K
SAMSUNG 43-Inch Class AU8000 Series Crystal 4K


  • The black levels are fantastic.
  • The design is attractive.
  • A platform that is smart and trustworthy


  • HDR is insufficiently bright.
  • Local dimming is not available.
  • juddering movement

The AU8000 has a deep, consistent black level, an appealing design, and an intelligent system that is adaptable and easy enough for anyone making their first 4K smart TV upgrade. 

However, half-baked HDR lacks sufficient luminance and color, and the display lacks lowering software, badly impacting screen homogeneity. There aren’t too many semi range TVs available at the moment, and some aren’t far more costly than the AU8000 and, to be fair, meet Pricing and functionality criteria.

The AU8000 has several difficulties with contrast. We’ll go into detail later in the review, but it’s worth mentioning that the TV may dim at critical times. Black levels were measured in the range of 0.05 to 0.08, with the maximum limit of that range occurring when the TV was at its brightest in HDR. 

It isn’t as dark as a high-end LED TV with VA-style panels or as black as an OLED TV, but it is better than most TVs in this price range. You would still not have also seen a mid-range 4K TV that might attain a black level of 0.05 just a year ago.

A decent mid-range TV requires self-sustaining making it a practical choice, and the AU8000 ticks all of those boxes. Anyone who has acquired a Samsung TV in the last few years will be familiar with the Tizen-powered innovative platform. 

The program is a terrific way to get started if you’re moving to a smart TV for the first time. Flowing water The majority of popular streaming applications, including Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Disney +, are pre-installed or may be downloaded through the app store. There are also other capabilities like a web browser and compatibility for the Samsung Health software package to round out the experience.

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Hisense 43A6G 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Android Smart
Hisense 43A6G 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Android Smart


  • Outstanding value for money
  • HDR provides excellent brightness.
  • Smart and friendly system


  • Colors might appear pallid.
  • Presets for photos are useless.
  • With HDR, there is some color banding.

The 43A6G has the potential to fully explain why Hisense’s heavy marketing, powerful and affordable appearance in the global TV scene has become a nightmare for more established TV brands. Suppose the set proves to behave as well as it looks on paper. Not surprisingly, the 43A6 G’s design is pretty simple. 

The build quality is so light that you can easily pick it up with one hand, even with your feet. Most tail trim depths and angled edges are similar in style to the 43A6G. And in the latter case, the momentary “oh” it may evoke is immediately wiped out by the presence of a pair of feet that look a bit cheesy by modern standards.

Gamers will be pleased to know that the Hisense set provides a perfect input delay of 14.1ms in game mode and supports a frame rate of 120Hz (but only at 1080p resolution). Variable Refresh Rate (VRR); Also, with the automatic low latency mode feature, compatible devices automatically turn on the TV game mode depending on whether the source device is playing video or game content. 

Or you can turn it off. HDR support for the 43A6G will not extend to the HDR10 + format, established as an unrighteous competitor to Dolby Vision. However, HDR10 + sources are much rarer than Dolby Vision sources, so if you want to choose a supported “active” HDR format, Dolby Vision seems like a wise choice.

The 43A6G also provides video processing for backing up 50Hz images, including convenient clear, film, and motion processors with custom settings. Hisense’s intelligent VIDAA system will continue to work well on this entry-level TV. 

The menu is responsive and transparent, and integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice recognition systems works well. 43A6G sound may be assisted by onboard Dolby Atmos decoding, but whether such a cheap TV has enough sound system to benefit from the features of Dolby Atmos. Is unknown.

LG NanoCell 75 Series 43 Alexa Built-in 4k Smart 
LG NanoCell 75 Series 43 Alexa Built-in 4k Smart 


  • At an angle, the image stays correct.
  • Apps for streaming are plenty.


  • The native contrast ratio is low.
  • There’s no local dimming.
  • In all visual modes, there is a constant flicker.

The LG NANO75 2021 is a budget 4k television Nano Cell TV. It is equipped with LG’s newest webOS interface and offers a considerable number of apps. Available in vast ranges of sizes starting at 43 inches To 86 inches. 

I’ve tested 65-inch models with IPS-like panels, but I expect the 50-inch and 70-inch models to have VA panels, and the 86-inch model is a bit more advanced. Models with panels like IPS have a wider viewing angle but lower contrast. It’s not very bright. Therefore it can’t display anything. An ample color space, and it doesn’t have local dimming capabilities.

It’s also not feature-rich as it can only remove stutter from specific sources and doesn’t support advanced gaming features such as variable refresh rates or HDMI 2.1. The LG NANO75 is a TV suitable for most applications. With a wide viewing angle and low game input delay, it is suitable for watching sports and TV programs during the day. 

Unfortunately, the low contrast, lack of local dimming, and poor black uniformity make it unsuitable for dark rooms watching movies. It’s a shame to watch a movie in a dark room. Due to the sub-average contrast, lack of local dimming, and poor black uniformity, black appears gray in dark rooms and blooms slightly around bright objects.

The image is kept accurate at one angle, making it suitable for a wide range of seating arrangements. The intelligent interface offers a wide variety of apps to be sure you find your favorite content. Unfortunately, it can’t be very bright and has only decent reflection treatment. Therefore, glare in a bright room can be distracting. 

It has a wide viewing angle and is ideal if you have a large seating area or want to exercise with a group of friends. It also has a decent gray uniformity but has a dirty screen effect that can be distracting. Unfortunately, it’s not very bright and has only proper reflex processing, so that glare can be distracting, and with only proper response times, fast-paced games tend to look blurry.

Toshiba 43-inch Class C350 Series LED 4K UHD 
Toshiba 43-inch Class C350 Series LED 4K UHD 


  • Fire TV that responds
  • In regular mode, the color is good.
  • Low latency


  • Plain HDR
  • Backlighting that varies

The C350 is missing some of the latest features, such as HDMI 2.1. and Dolby Atmos support, but it does support Dolby Vision and HDR10, but it’s not very good. Its LCD image quality is not as good as the TCL 4 Series Roku TV and Sony Bravia X800 HTV of the same size. 

However, if you like Fire TV and need a TV, you can watch some shows and play games. Toshiba C350 Fire TV is of great value. The C350 series has the exact specifications, except for the speakers. The 50-inch and 55-inch models are 8 watts instead of the 7 watts of the 43-inch model.

The 43C350KU measures 37.9 x 22.0 x 2.9 inches. from the typical Black-on-Black plastic TV. There is a silvery plastic stripe at the bottom of the panel, with silvery plastic legs. It makes it feel more stylish, but it also draws attention to the set itself-whether it’s pros and cons depends on personal taste.

It’s a bit deeper than other TVs in this size range, thanks to the large port box in the center of the back of the TV. The feet are not only silver but also a typical boomerang style. If you want to mount your TV instead, it supports VESA 200 x 300 and works with one of the best TV mounts.

The C350 provides four HDMI ports-sufficient for most people-nothing supports HDMI 2.1, but it’s the latest standard you’ll need to take advantage of the latest consoles. One HDMI port has an audio return channel (ARC) if you connect a soundbar. The ports are not ideally placed. Located on the side of the central rear section of the TV. 

Many TVs, such as the Sony XBR43X800H, have at least multiple ports on the side of the television for easy access to unplug the TV. Composite video, two USB ports, and an RF antenna are all options for connecting. You may utilize optical digital audio in addition to ARC, a 2-channel composite stereo, or a headphone jack for sound.

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When looking for the best TV for Nintendo Switch, the refresh rate and input lag are critical features. The refresh rate of the TV determines how well it can adapt to fast-paced games. You can have fantastic graphics and colors, but you won’t be able to enjoy your game if the refresh rate is low and input lag is excessive because every second counts in gaming, and a single delay can lose you the game!

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