How to Bold Text in Discord on PC and Mobile?

A bold comment stands among other comments. Discord doesn’t have a visible option, and it offers users bold words. So, how do bold in Discord do others do? Are the steps various while you are using an iPhone or an Android? If you ponder the question, you came to the appropriate website; without further ado, read on how to bold text in Discord.

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4 Steps to Bold Text in Discord

Suppose you desire to draw attention to a message bolding text in Discord is a proper function. In advance, it doesn’t require complicated commands in Discord. Users can bold the font in Discord with fewer simple clicks. Here’s how to bold text in Discord:

  1. Go to the chatbox.
  2. Type “**…**” around the text that you want to bold.
  3. It looks like this “**Status**” in the chatbox.
  4. Tap the Enter key to end the process.

The text you type is now in bold. It will capture attention and emphasize points more prominently than standard text format.

3 Steps to Make Discord Status Text Bold:

Most Discord users love writing custom statuses in Discord Channel. This function enables users to share the games they are currently playing with other users or the mood they are using. That says, most of us wonder to find the possibilities to bold or italicizes the Status.

After all, it would be a superb option to customize Status even more. Unfortunately, it is impossible to style a status. To make the Status bold, you can not use the same bold command. However, there’s a way around Discord. User can use a website that automatically transforms the standard text into bold text:

  1. Open the website in the browser.
  2. Type the Status in the left of the box.
  3. Copy text from the box on the right into the status section on Discord.

That’s all! As you check, although Discord doesn’t offer its users to bold the Status, it’s possible to do so by another website to match.

6 Steps to Bold Text in Discord on iPhone:

iPhone Discord users who want to style the text will glad to know that how to bold text in Discord status isn’t tricky. Follow the steps to do so:

  1. Launch Discord on iPhone.
  2. Choose a friend or a Channel to send a message.
  3. Type the message without sending it.
  4. Type the double asterisks nearby the message.
  5. It looks like “**Message**.”
  6. Tap to send a message from iPhone.

Here we go! The text you sent by iPhone is bold now.

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5 Steps to Bold Text in Discord on Android Mobile:

Assume you are an Android user and desire to find out how to bold text in Discord while using Android; this is what you need to do:

  1. Open the Discord on Android.
  2. Choose a Channel or a user to send something.
  3. Type the message.
  4. And ensure to type double asterisks around it.
  5. Click to send the message.

5 Steps to Bold Text in Discord on PC:

Initially, Discord users get disappointed because there is no visible option to type bold text. However, they can use an easy command to make any message they send to a friend or in a Channel Bold. Follow the easy steps to bold the text of Discord:

  1. Launch Discord on PC.
  2. Select the friend or the Channel here you want to send a bold message.
  3. Type double asterisks after and before the message.
  4. And tap the Enter key.
  5. The text you sent will be Bold now.

Way to Use Bold Text on Discord:

Bold font is handy on Discord. Users use it to emphasize a text or draw attention to the Status. Scanning bold is more accessible than regular text. Means other users find information more efficiently.

Way to Get Effects on Discord:

To know how to bold in Discord and to italicize the text. As a by-product, learn the use of strikethrough. Probably, users are wondering about combining effects. Check here which combinations Discord users can make. Moreover, to italicize words or use a strikethrough option like you would in Word?

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How to Make Text Bold and Underlined on Discord?

In previous sections, we taught you how to bold text in Discord and italicize and use strikethrough on Discord. You learn here how to get effects and the functions. But how to bold in Discord and underlined? Follow this easy process:

  1. Open Discord on the device.
  2. Type the Message.
  3. But don’t hit the button to send a message.
  4. Type two underscores.
  5. And two asterisks after and before the text.
  6. Here’s how to bold on discord looks like text.

Ways to Make Text Look Different in Discord?

There are various ways to make the text look different in Discord. Users use the keyboard functions to bold, italicize, underline, or use strikethrough. On the other hand, it’s possible to combine the options to create a customized message. Finally, it’s even possible to type spoilers so that other Discord users don’t see the message unless they wish to.

Personalizing the Message on Discord:

Hereafter, Discord doesn’t boast visible functions that offer users to personalize the text, and they can still use a few tricks. Here you know how to bold text in Discord or italicize to emphasize the message. Underlining the text is also possible. Suppose you made a mistake, use strikethrough.

Have you about to change Discord text? Did you encounter any problems? Do you have any favorite combination? Share experiences in the comments section and tell us how was the article on the topic of how to bold text in Discord was.

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