How to Drop Items in Terraria? | 2 Simple Methods

The word throw describes the dropping or launching of some weapons or items in Terraria. Therefore, the throw function deploys the weapons and tools. So, while playing a game, if you want to drop or launch some in-game utility, you follow some methods. The article is a guide on how to drop items in Terraria. Here we explain two methods to drop an item in the game. Due to the range limit, some players name the function drop item, though that term describes acquiring an item by killing foes in Terraria.

First Method to Drop Items in Terraria:

  1. Firstly, select the Hotbar item to activate the drop option.
  2.  Now, press T (throw key) to drop the item.
  3. Then, choose the object of Terraria inventory to drop.
  4. Finally, select the Esc key to close the inventory after dropping your particular item.

By following the simple tricks, you can learn how to drop items in Terraria. Last but not least, there is also another method to drop the utilities in the game. Here we go.

Second Method to Drop Items in Terraria by Inventory:

Ascertain, you learn about how to drop items in Terraria. Here, we have another method to solve the problem effortlessly.

  1. Go to your Terraria inventory.
  2. Now, click on an item from your inventory.
  3. Then click outside of your list.

Notify that always throw the item in the face direction though you can throw the things four blocks away on a level surface before the halt. Moreover, you need to observe that the game drops some in-game items while doing some operations. Here we will explain how to acquire drop items in Terraria; meanwhile, we mention the chances of a drop too.

The best things about Terraria are the stuff and the fantastic things players can do with them. But some are almost impossible to hold. At the same time, Terraria drop in-game utilities to boost the power of the player or its weapon. Terraria possess the thousands of items that you acquire after facing extreme in-game difficulty. In case you don’t know the way of how to drop items in Terraria. Here we are, for you.

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10 Best Drop Items in Terraria:

For your information, here are the ten best drop items that give you boosts in your game. But the chances are rare to get so the question is how to drop Items in Terraria.

Beat Ice Queen Boss to Drop Reindeer Bells in Terraria:

Firstly, the Reindeer Bells that added to Terraria summons mount. However, the mount is anything but average. The thing summons Rudolph himself, offers speeds that make you faster than a player with Lightning Boots, including his shiny red nose. Players can obtain Reindeer Bells drop by beating the Ice Queen boss of the Frost Moon event from wave 15 onwards. The player can fly on Rudolph and sprint, make tough battles worth the effort.

Chance Rate: 0.56% – 0.83%

Hold Tattered Bee Wing in Terraria:

The outstanding Tattered Bee Wing is used to craft Bee Wings offer you the ability to fly, float, and steep drops. Moreover, the players find items in Hard Mode, so there’s a significant risk to hold them. Fortunately, the reward is great. In Hard Mode, move to the Underground Jungle and fight the Moss Hornets. If you are lucky, you will avail yourself of the chance of holding the rare Tattered Bee Wing. Here are many tips to get hold of this staff, including statue farms, lava, and graveyards, but that drop chance is incredibly slim even with all this. Nevertheless, that baby slime is far valuable to pass up.

Chance Rate: 0.67%

Beam Sword Drop for Hard Mode in Terraria

The unique items are obtainable in Hard Mode, which makes sense since they tend to be powerful. The Beam Sword is not exceptional. However, with a 0.67% drop chance, any player weald the excellent item. Indeed, players who want a weapon in Terraria, like Heavy and Armored Skeletons, drop the sword so that they may grind a bit. Furthermore, the beam sword causes around 52 damage and has a 6.2 knockback. Moreover, it enables the player to shoot a massive yellow beam of light. Also, hit the enemy and weapon look fantastic.

Chance Rate: 0.67%

Zombies & Drippers for Money Trough Drop:

Possessing a 0.5% drop chance for Blood Zombies and Drippers, the Money Trough summons a cute slim piggy bank that you can use to store money to keep it safe from death or to keep it out of reach of another opponent. Wandering Eye Fish and Zombie Mermen drops Money Trough at a higher rate of 6.67% on a desktop version. The piggy bank can be re-summoned whenever the player does not follow. It serves perfect assistant if the player is looking to stray away from home base for a while. And they want to protect their hard-earned funds.

Chance Rate: 0.5% – 6.67%

Magical Pumpkin Seed Drop for Pet Summoner:

With only a 0.5% drop chance, the Magical Pumpkin Seed offers a pet summoner. Not only that, but a player can only find it during the Halloween season. That makes it not only rare but highly challenging to hold. Moreover, the Magical Pumpkin Seed summons the adorable Squashling, which allows the player to get their hands on a rare pet that looks like Jack ‘o’ Lantern with vines as legs. It’s creepy but cute and the perfect Halloween companion!

Chance Rate: 0.5%

Kill Enemies to Drop Slime Staff in Terraria:

Therefore, the Slime Staff has the slightest drop chance of any item in the game is rare. For the 0.01% drop chance of slimes, the player kills the enemy for days. The exception is Pinky that has a 1% dropping chance of the Slime. Whenever the number of opponents decreases, the drop chance increases. As staff summons a tiny slime companion who can make six attacks per second at maximum potential, it is undoubtedly worth it.

Chance Rate: 0.01% – 1%

Bottle Wisp Drop Pet Summoner in Terraria:

The Wisp in a Bottle follows the player movement offers a cute wisp pet summoner. Like Fairy Bell, and spell Shadow Orb. Still, the item has a tiny drop rate. Similarly, it’s handy since it serves as a light. Due to its light source and ability, Wisp in a Bottle can obtain by defeating either Hell or Blue Armored Bones in Hard Mode, although a drop isn’t guaranteed.

Chance Rate: 0.25%

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Drop Snake & Lizard Eggs for Pet Summoner:

The rare item drops by Flying Snakes and Lihzahrds inside the Jungle Temple provide one of the rarest pet summoners in the game. However, it summons this tiny lizard that will follow the player around and fly to them if left behind. A social pet does not fight with or for you, but still, the pet is well worth getting for the cute factor.

Chance Rate: 0.1%

Bladed Glove Drop for Monsters in Terraria:

Many players assume Bladed Glove is a fragile item to hold because it only does 12 damage. However, the Bladed Glove is the second fasted melee weapon, second only to the Fetid Baghnakhs. The Bladed Gloves are tough to get hold of, with a drop rate of 0.05%. Therefore, the rare drop acquires from powerful monsters during Halloween.

Chance Rate: 0.05%

Drop Hard Mode by Biome Keys in Terraria:

With 5 Biome Keys to get hold of, many players think they’re straightforward to be wrong. Found in each biome and each key has a 0.04% drop chance in Hard Mode. The challenge is great, but the item keys unlock is even better and undeniably makes it worth it. Each key opens a weapon:

  • Jungle Key like Piranha Gun
  • Corruption Key like Scourge of the Corruptor
  • Crimson Key like Vampire Knives
  • Hallowed Kay like Rainbow Gun
  • Frozen Key like Staff of Hydra Frost

Chance Rate: 0.04%

A drop of some items in Terraria is challenging to acquire. Most of the time, the player asked to kill lots of bosses. On the other hand, you will observe drops that maintain less than a 0.1% chance of acquiring. Sometimes it seems annoying because most drops are undeniably worth it. They provide a nice break-competition from Easter Eggs hunting.

Terraria obtain 4,000+ items updated and acquire fame for being exclusively expansive that players get the opportunity to do on whatever console play. These items are capable of doing fantastic operations, rather destructive or attractive. Nevertheless, other games do not offer such options. Hopefully, we explained lots of methods on how to drop items in Terraria. Moreover, we gave you tips and tricks of getting drop items for different in-game purposes. Suppose you like our effort and want to appreciate us, like and share the link of the page. Give your feedback in the comment section. Your ideas are so precious to us. Thank you! Bye!

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