How to Lock Items in Terraria? | Simple Guide!

In the inventory of Terraria, gamers can stock the equipment and items for all time use. Or sometimes, the user likes to get an article in the favorite list. So, they put a lock on it. For service, they need to unlock it. Usually, the player stores their favorite items in the inventory. To save your items in the inventory, you need to know how to lock items in Terraria.

Method to Lock Items in Terraria

You can access the inventory by pressing a particular Key. Here we will make you learn how to lock Items in Terraria. Meanwhile, we will tell you the way about unlocking the Item. While playing on a different platform, the Key might vary.

  • Press Attack Key to Lock the Item in Inventory of Terraria. And, you can sort things by pressing Use Key in Terraria.
  • While using a keyboard, tap the Alt + ▼ (down click) to throw the locked Item in the Trash.
  • Alternatively, you can lock the Item by pressing Alt + Right-Click again.

During play on the multiplayer server, the privacy of the game inventory compromises. Therefore, you need to put a lock on your favorite Item. Furthermore, we will tell you where to keep and hold a locked item and lock Items in Terraria.

Cursor Holding Lock Items in Terraria

An object Locked in the cursor treats as the player has it; can use weapons to attack, consumable items use, and placeable things can places in the world while held in the cursor. However, an object stored in the cursor treat as it gets removed from the inventory – other items can fill the space it occupied and drop if the stock is closed.

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Throwing or Dropping locked Items in Terraria

Dropping an article in this way, or dragging an object and placing it outside of the inventory, will cause a locked item to fall to the ground, which you can achieve by pressing Throw. The sealed items drop so you can pick up the Item after a short delay and remain in the world until they despawn.

Multiple Slots to Keep Items in Terraria

Inventories get made of multiple slots, each of which can contain one type of Item. While some things, such as weapons, require a slot to themselves, many articles have multiples of the Stack into a single slot. The amount of items that can stack into a single slot depends on the individual item Stack.

Keys to Pick Up Items in Terraria

Other items of the same type will take up a new slot in the inventory. The open or active Key can pick up a single item from a stack of many; in this way, piles can divide. Different sections of the inventory serve other purposes and may limit in they hold in the slots. The functions and potential contents are detailed here.

Inventory Slots to Keep Locked Items

After locking or favoriting the Item, you need to keep them saved in a particular place in the inventory of Terraria. While telling you how to lock Items in Terraria, we will notify you where to keep locked items safe in Terraria.

Main Inventory to Keep Locked Items 

The primary storage section of the inventory gets made of four rows of ten slots that hold any item. Pick up places in the area for safe-keeping items from the bottom right. Holding or Locking items usually have no effect. Things kept here or on the Hotbar can be favored using the use or attack key while holding Alt; favorited items cannot drop, quick Trash.

Trash to Unfavorite the Locked Items 

Placing items in the Trash automatically utilize Shift or Ctrl, or deposit into a storage item using short Stack. Sorting the inventory will also not affect them, and they will stay in the same square they placed. However, favorited items can manually place in the Trash, and the things will automatically be unfavoriting when it happens.

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Hotbar to Use Locked Items in Terraria

A row of ten corresponds to the zero to nine keys in Hotbar. Ascertain, the inventory closes one of the ten slots highlight by pressing the attack or use Key. Moreover, that causes the highlighted Item to use in Terraria.

  1. Press a slot matching number key to cause it to stress.
  2. And the highlight can shift by scrolling with the mouse wheel.
  3. Click an item on the Hotbar.
  4. But a small Lock Icon is present to the left of the Hotbar.
  5. Use to disable the functionality.
  6. Items with no use can place here for storage.

Discard Locked Items by Trash in Terraria

So, do not get confused with the Trash Item. In Terraria, a single slot for the disposal of an object can place in the slot and will remain there until the player removes it. Things can take out of the Trash at any time with no consequences.

Empty Trash is Permanent Lose of Locked Item

However, when another object place in the Trash slot, the Item is currently in the Trash. Even the things that would typically Stack are permanently removing. Items destroyed by the Trash cannot retrieve in any way. The Trash slot is empty when the character dies or leaves the world.

Here we tried to explain all possible information on how to lock items in Terraria. Furthermore, we told you how to keep, store and use it from the various methods. Keep sending your feedback for improvement. If you like our effort, share the post with your friends. Thank You! Bye!

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