How to Make Fruit in Little Alchemy? | 13 Simple Steps

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Alchemy is the derivation of the Latin word that means the study of the chemical. Initially, people considered an entire universe as a group of particles of elements. In history, fire, air, water, and soil were considered Elements. Alchemy is the study of the relation between the particles of the Elements called atoms. Today we recognize Alchemy as Chemistry. We know more than a hundred of the particles of the elements as chemical. The reaction between chemicals may produce fruits. But the production of fruit from the chemical is such a weird thing. You will surprise to know you can make a fruit through Little Alchemy. You must be curious to know how to make fruit in Little Alchemy.

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Little Alchemy 

Little Alchemy is a game—little Alchemy, designed to enable gamers to understand the relation of elements and chemicals. Fire, Air, Water, and Earth icons are present on the right corner of the screen. The gamer needed to mix the Elements to make the new compound. That game increases the interest of young gamers in chemistry. The game introduces chemistry to young gamers. Little Alchemy helps gamers to understand the relation of the science between elements and compounds.

For instance, as you mix the water and earth on the play area screen of the game. Surprisingly, the mud will appear. Ascertain, you mix the element of land with the part of fire the lava will produce. The gamer makes such interesting compounds and mixtures in the game. Meanwhile, people ask the most frequent question is how to make fruit in Little Alchemy?


To make fruit in Little Alchemy, you need to make a few other compounds like as; tree, sun, glass and time, etc. You can easily make the fruit in the game; all you need is to know and follow instructions to understand how to make fruit in Little Alchemy?

13 Steps to make fruit in Little Alchemy

  1. Drag the fire element in the play area, add water, and produce steam.
  2. Now mix air in the water to produce rain.
  3. Then add fire to the earth, you will find lava.
  4. Drag earth to the rain and make the plant.
  5. Now add air to steam and find a cloud.
  6. Put air to the lava for a stone.
  7. Then mix air with a cloud and find the sky.
  8. Add air into the stone to make sand.
  9. Mix sky to the fire and find a sun.
  10. Pour sand on fire to get a glass.
  11. Add sand to the glass for the time.
  12. Then add time to the plant and get a tree.
  13. Now add a sun to the tree to make fruit.

Hopefully, you understood, How to make fruit in Little Alchemy.

Little Alchemy addicted young gamers to make fictional characters from this game. Like as; spaceships, dinosaurs, and unicorns. Let’s play and know what you find by the mixtures in Little Alchemy.

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  • More than 580 elements.
  • Easy mixing elements
  • Create interesting compounds.
  • Game of error and trial.
  • Provide so much fun.
  • Free of cost.
  • Each mixture is a tiny puzzle.
  • You can check your friends on leader boards.
  • Easy to play through Google Play Games.
  • Night modes are available.

Available in different languages. Like as;

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Portuguese
  4. German
  5. French
  6. Polish
  7. Dutch
  8. Swedish
  9. Norwegian


Little Alchemy is updating by the time. The team of producers introduces creativity through the game. They make continuous improvements to the game to entertain young gamers. Promotions are mention below;

  • A new and simple design.
  • Improved performance.
  • Bug fixed to develop the game.
  • Introduced the vertical mode to play from one hand.
  • Sync in devices progressed.
  • No distraction of ads.

Don’t waste your time. Just follow the instructions and make your fruit in Little Alchemy. Let others ask you how to make fruit in Little Alchemy.

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