How to Restart Plex Server? | 10 Simple Steps

The Plex Media Server is famous for uniform and spontaneous user activity. Regular players are aware of how to restart Plex Server through the Website. The Website sorts various tasks as setting the remote access, optimizing media, sharing the library with flocks, etc. Therefore, you sway surprised to find the way how to restart the Plex Server. Don’t worry! We will narrate the story for you.

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10 Steps to Restart Your Plex Server:

There is no specific Restart Button. Player usually quit the app and starts from the starts. However, you can not restart the Plex Media Server from the control panel. The restarting operation depends on the system you are using.

  1. Locate the Web-Based GUI site to handle the restart task.
  2. Open the macOS or Windows on your system.
  3. Locate the Plex icon in the macOS Menu or tray of Windows.
  4. Now, select Exit to close the Plex Server safely.
  5. Boot the app by shortcut from theDock or Start button.
  6. You can start, restart and stop your Plex Server by using the command.
  7. Commanding service is available on Linux and FreeBSD-like platforms.
  8. To start, type the command: sudo service plexmediaserver start
  9. To stop, type the command: sudo plexmediaserver stop
  10. To restart, type the command: sudo service plexmediaserver restart command.

A commanding approach is a flexible approach because it offers users to set up a corn job schedule when your Plex Server was functional. Till here, we explore that how to Restart the Plex Server by commands. But there are other versions and methods to restart Plex Media Server.

Method of Restarting Plex Media Server on Synology NAS:

Meanwhile, you are using the Plex Media Server on the storage of appliances. For instance, in Synology NAS, one searches the icon on the dashboard to restart Plex Server. In that case, the Synology NAS user uses Package Manager on the appliances. It enables the user to use the Action Menu for a single package to restart the Plex Server through Synology NAS.

Method of Resetting Plex Media Server on Storage:

Numerous storage devices Work under the circumstances of the GUI. NIX- is an iconic example of appliances. Often the user may set jobs in the Synology Panel. In the Panel, users apply the Task Scheduler created into the Appliances to Control the functions like start, restart, and stop sequences. Meanwhile, the mystery of the restart button is solved. And you get the idea of how to restart Plex Server in the absence of the restart button.

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Usage of Plex Server of Media:

Meanwhile, one can do anything from the Plex Server. The one thing you noticed is that no reset button is accessible in Plex Server. Therefore, users need to give instructions in the command by the script of the program. The user gives instructions to start, restart, and stop the Plex Server of the macOS and Windows system menus by command script. Scripting is the only way to give a restart to the Plex Server without turning off the computer.

Ascertain you are away from home and accidental shuts down of the Plex media. The situation might lead you to make a come-back. Because it shuts off your server, you need to be back to connect up again. Sanguinely you understood that of how to restart Plex Server.

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