How to Zoom in on Discord? | Discord Tips

Various apps enable users to modify the level of Zoom in ad out to initiate readability smoother. The appropriate character of zooming in and out is pretty beneficial. Here we make you aware of the techniques on how to zoom in on Discord.

Users activate the zooming option through alternative keys of the keyboard. Seldom, the alternative keys lead to irritation when pushed accidentally. A keyboard using in a Discord-like application, while playing the game. The accidental activation of the zooming feature makes your experience little anxiety. Fortunately, fixing the problem is not a headache. Here we make you aware of the techniques on how to zoom in on Discord.


The question arises why one needs to zoom in or out option. Discord provides lots of services to users like gaming, chatting, and video content through the channels. One may need to read the text in the zoom, play the game with a zoomed view, or watch the zoomed-in video on Discord. The query arises that how it is possible to view stuff in zoomed-in action and how to zoom in on Discord. We articulated the content to answer the question.

How to Zoom in on Discord? (7 simple steps)

Kindly follow the mentioned steps to zoom in on Discord.

  1. Open the Discord app on your PC.
  2. Alternatively, one can navigate to the site of Discord through the browser.
  3. Hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard.
  4. To change the zooming levels, press the + to zoom in.
  5. A tooltip appears in the upper right corner of the browser.
  6. The way shows the current zoom level.
  7. A handy reset button.

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Discord Settings:

Meanwhile, the alternative shortcuts of the keyboard stop working. Then try adjusting zoom levels in the Discord settings. Here we add, the alternative steps. Steps refer to the website and PC of the Discord to adjust the level of zooming. 


  1. Click the gear symbol placed next to the username on the left corner.
  2. Click on the Appearance on the left side under the Settings.
  3. One can scroll down to check.
  4. Go to the Accessibility segment present to the right.
  5. The Zoom level setting option displays on the screen.
  6. The level of zooming has defaulted at 100% in the default setting.
  7. To reset the zoom level, move the lever to the green the100%.

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Often we press the hotkey to activate the zoom-in accidentally. Seldom it happen when you are using the website version of the Discord channel. If it happens often, one might download the Desktop client or a browser extension.

The desktop client software and browser extension are available on the sites to set the option of zooming in on Discord. Meanwhile, you are using the website and downloaded the version for desktops or mobile. You may easily zoom in and out while playing, chatting, or watching the program on Discord.

We conclude that you estimated how to zoom in on Discord for the fluent experience of gaming, chatting, and posting. Read the article carefully, and follow the above instructions to set your zooms according to your wishes. Stay blessed. Stay with us!

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