How to Get Rid of Lava in Terraria? | 14 Simple Methods

Gaming is a new craze in children, youngsters, and even in adults. It is a widely adopted extra-curricular activity by the generation of this time. Here we are discussing Terraria and, in particular, how to get rid of Lava in Terraria.

14 Methods to Get Rid of Lava in Terraria:

If you are new and facing issues regarding the topic, how to get rid of Lava in Terraria, you need not worry anymore. We will tell you every possible way to get rid of Lava in Terraria and defense against it to reduce damage.

Method 1: Lava Charm

When you use the feature, you will get an idea of how to get rid of Lava in Terraria. It will protect the gamer for 7 seconds against Lava. The player can access it by reaching the chest present in a cavern.

Method 2: Obsidian Skin Potion

The player will have to prepare it using Bottled water, Fireblossom, waterleaf, and Obsidian in a placed bottle to gain this protection. That will grant protection against Lava for 4 minutes.

Method 3: Lava Waders

The player makes it by combining lava charm and obsidian water walking boots. It will allow you to move on Lava or get into it for 14 seconds.

Method 4: Rocket Boots

By wearing the Rocket Boots, players can avoid Lava by flying over the lava stream in Terraria.

Method 5: Grappling Hooks

You can also pass the Lava lake by attaching hooks to the roof and clinging to it with these hooks.

Method 6: Filling Gravitational Material

A player can use sand, silt, etc., to fill lava lake with it or cover it from the top to get enough protection if they fall.

Method 7: Reservoir Construction

It gets built near the lava source, and it will control the Lava for the player in Terraria. So, you quickly rid of the problem.

Method 8: Lava Shark Mount

This feature of Terraria defends players from Lava plus allows players to move fast, i.e., with high speed in not just Lava but all liquids. So ultimately helps to get rid of Lava.

Method 9: Flippers & Gears

By flippers and diver gears, the player can swim in Lava in Terraria. A player can obtain flippers by finding them in Water Chests deep in water and in Seaside Crates and oceans.

Method 10: Obsidian Rose

It can minimize damage caused by Lava. An enemy of the underworld called Fire Lamps has chances of dropping it by 2%. The player should start looking for Obsidian rose during or before the progression stage.

Method 11: White Rarity

Five items come under this category and are named white rarity. Lava’s items do not destroy until they remain above the middle point or do not pass it. These include obsidian, Fireblossom, Fireblossom seeds, living fire block, and Grate.

Method 12: Buckets

Players use Buckets to get rid of Lava, allowing players to remove Lava from the area by filling and then emptying it somewhere else. One bucket can remove one tile of Lava.

Method 13: Dodge Lava

The player can dodge to get rid of Lava, and Lava will be ineffective till the end of the invisibility flame. But on fire, the Debuff will get affected.

Method 14: Armor Defense

Armor defense is also beneficial to get rid of Lava. The player can purchase, craft, or can pick dropped armor of enemies. Different armors have a diverse range of damage reduction capacities, e.g., copper armor has a capacity of 6 while silver is 13.

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13 Tips to Get Rid of Lava in Terraria

Here are some exciting tips that will make you an expert in the game by polishing the skill. So, you may never lose from your competitor and will not just help you solve queries on how to get rid of Lava in Terraria. But it also provides you a better understanding of this game by describing minor details.

  1. Such items that have greater sprites remain ineffective in Lava.
  2. Copper coin burns in Lava.
  3. The collection of above than 400 items result in the disappearance of the old ones.
  4. Copper coin is the least valuable item.
  5. Copper coins discard when the danger of despawning.
  6. The sprite of the copper coin is 12 pixels high.
  7. The sprite of the Lihzahrd power cell is also 12 pixels high but quite more valuable than copper.
  8. Sprite shared by silver coin and gel is 14 pixels high.
  9. The spite of block items is 16 pixels.
  10. Check the depth of the lava moat by throwing coins or stacks in it.
  11. Ascertain, one copper coin is thrown and then a silver coin on it. If copper burns but silver does not, then that’s the appropriate depth.
  12. In reality, this lava depth can achieve with one bucket full of Lava for pit length as per 6 to 8 tiles.
  13. So, as per the above calculation, you have to throw one lava bucket for 6 to 8 tiles, two lava buckets for 12 to 16, and 3 lava buckets for 18 to 24 tiles, and so on.

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2 Important Feature of Lava in Terraria

If you want to boost your game, then a player must know about these two essential aspects of Lava and how to get rid of Lava in Terraria to get the advantage.


There are 44 crafting stations in total. It allows combining different items. It is a minor crafting station for the player only has to stand beside it. The crafting window appears on the lower left side of the screen. The bar keeps on extending with the addition of the right ingredients.


For fishing few things are necessary, e.g., Hotline hook, Lavaproof fishing hook, a Lavaproof tackle bag, Magma snail, Lavafly or Hellbutterfly, etc. You can get subsurface baits from this, and you can also create your lava lake by getting a few things, e.g., Pumps, Bottomless lava bucket.

So friends that all from our side. We hope that we were able to address all your quires successfully. We tried to explain everything about how to get rid of Lava in Terraria. We are confident that this article will prove helpful, and after reading this, there will be no need to search and read any further.

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