How to Post a Video on Steam using YouTube?

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Steam is one of the ultimate destinations for playing, discussing, and creating games. Posting videos of the games is the topmost trend of today. If you are a gamer, student, or businessman, this article is for you. Here’s how to post a video on steam.

10 Steps to Post videos on Steam:

Unfortunately, we cannot post videos on steam directly from our PC. Therefore, we need to post it on the youtube channel. Posting the video from the youtube channel is the most convenient way. Firstly, the user has to get connected to the YouTube channel. Then, we have to upload the video from the YouTube video channel to the steam account.

Here are the steps on how to post a video on steam.

  • Step 1: Open a web browser and head to YouTube. Then, upload a video. Videos have to set Public on Steam.
  • Step 2: Install steam app to your PC or mobile device. Make your account and log in.
  • Step 3: Click on the username and brought to the friend activity.
  • Step 4: Select the Videos from the sub-menu on the right side of the page.
  • Step 5: As the Video page appears, click on the link youtube account. That will redirect us to the new message box.
  • Step 6: The message box will appear and ask us to log in. Allow by selecting Access your YouTube videos button.
  • Step 7: The list of your Public Videos will appear on your page. Click the checkbox to select the video that you want to post on the Steam account.
  • Step 8: Just click on the Add Video and mention the game if you want. In a couple of seconds, the video will appear on your steam profile.
  • Step 9: Just after adding the video to your profile, it will appear on the activity page. We can check it by clicking on the Videos. The video appears on the right side of the page in the sub-menu.
  • Step 10: We can upload multiple videos by selecting them from the Public Videos list. For that, select the multiple videos from the list by clicking on the checkboxes.

Here’s the easiest way to know how to post a video on steam.

Evolution of Steam

Steam is a digital service of video games, launched in 2003. The objective of its launch was to update gamers and publishers about the games. Initially, Steam was designed to upgrade MS windows in the operating system. By the time, Steam extended into the digital store. Steam launched mobile apps in 2010. Lately, Steam offers DRM (digital rights management), API (application programming interface), video posting, and social networking services. Steam provides automatic updates and installation of the games. In 2013, Steam held 75 % of market space as the digital game distributor for PCs. Steam service provided more than 34,000 digital games by 2019.

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Use of Steam

By the time more and more games are publishing on steam. Therefore, more gamers started to post the video of the game they play. Steam is not specified for games, but it provides the platform for social media. Steam provides the plot to the people of the global village to share the events and fun.


The outbreak of covid-19 has frozen the life of people. Hence, social media is playing a critical role in the life of people. Like as, provision of online businesses. Distance learning, online classes, and recorded videos of lectures, etc. Therefore the site is gaining more and more popularity.

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