How to Summon Mount in Terraria? | 3 Simple Steps

Mounts are beings or things that act as transportations that a player can use as a vehicle or fixing a disaster. The gamers use mount-summoning items in the Terraria to add unlimited buffs and Mount spawns. Moreover, the mount summoning item offers the player to ride in or on the horses, cars, and other vehicles. However, if you don’t know how to summon Mount in Terraria, here is the guide for you.

3 Simple steps to Summon Mount in Terraria:

By using the particular keys, the player controls Mount movement. In Terraria, the animals mount and minions unlimited times whereas, they do not lose their summoning items. While riding the Mount, players can use weapons and tools except for the hooks of Drill Mount.

  1. First, select the mount item from the Mount slot to summon the Mount in Terraria.
  2. Press the Quick Mount option to summon the Mount.
  3. You summon the Mount successfully, gives you a little burst of light.

Congratulations, you have successfully summoned the Mount in the game. Meanwhile, you learn how to summon Mount in Terraria. At the death of the player, the Mount unequip automatically. In Terraria, the mount summoning items do not possess any modifier so, mounts are inaccessible to reforged. Few mounts like Slime Mount causes disaster as well. Here we mention other ways to get the Items to Summon Mount in Terraria.

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Items to Summon Mount in Terraria:

The updated version of Terraria Journey added lots of mounts to the game. But what if you don’t know the way to summon Mount in Terraria. Here we will tell you how to summon Mount in Terraria and explain a few of the best mounts available, like UFOs, Slimes, horses. Moreover, you can collect all sorts of weird and beautiful mounts after beating the various bosses in the battle to collect rare items.

2 Modes Summon Mounts in Terraria:

The list covers some of the best mounts in the game when you are looking for them. Some mounts are available during primary Hardmode. Otherwise, you can find others in the Master mode of Terraria. Here’s everything you need to know about how to summon mounts in Terraria.

  • Primary Hardmode Mounts

There are few brand new additions to the primary Hardmode mounts in Terraria. Even with the latest mounts, sometimes you wish to head back two years and pick up an old and reliable mount.

Honey Bee Goggles:

The Bee design way back in Terraria before but is one of the best game mounts in Terraria. In the game, you fight the Queen Bee to get the Honeyed Goggles is one of the main reasons. Probably, lot of times until you get it to drop.

  • The Queen Bee drops honeyed Goggles, has a 5% drop chance.
  • The Mount on the bee is very slow on the ground but fly long than another primary Hardmode mount.
  • When pair with a Cloud in a Bottle or a Featherfall Potion riding the Bee mount is basically like having wings.

Superheated Blood Lava Shark

Terraria introduce new updates of Journey’s End, though a Hellstone-miners dream is Lava Shark. Indeed, you can swim on lava as you start riding it, and you do not get damages. If you’re finding the tools and grind for Molten Armor a bit of a nightmare, the Lava Shark is the suitable mount for you in Terraria.

  • The Superheated Blood found while fishing in Obsidian Cartes and Hellstone Crates.
  • You need the Lavaproof Fishing bag to fish in lava.
  • The Lava Shark can swim in lava, honey, and water. Moreover, it protects you against burning. But blocks like Hellstone may hurt you.

Summon Mounts In Hardmode Terraria

To Summon Mounts, you need plenty of mounts in Hardmode that all use, like the Unicorn, UFO, Slime, etc. Here we will mention the method how to Summon Mount in Terraria.

Unicorn Blessed Apple

The fastest Mount of the Terraria is Unicorn in Hardmode. Also one of the easiest to achieve. Kill all the Hallow enemies and get the Unicorn Mount in Terraria. You need to farm Unicorns in the Hallowed biome that spawns in the Terraria world. Blessed Apple drop by Unicorns is one of the best pre-Plantera of Hardmode mounts. It grants a high speed to move super fast.

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Winged Slime by Queen

In Hardmode, the Queen Slime drops the Winged Slime by beating the boss-fight mounts. The slime causes a lot of in-game damages and is considered the one of best summon Mount items in Terraria.

  • It has a 25 percent chance to drop from the Queen Slime.
  • It functions like actual wings; it glides and helps to fall slow in Terraria.

You have many chances to summon Mount on the various items through these game utilities and objects, time by time.

UFO for Cosmic Car Key

In Terraria, UFO is a slow-moving mobile mount considered ideal for building. UFOs are not most recommended for the big boss fights, but they perform well for finishing touches to the megabase. Through UFO drop, chances are at 16 percent to summon Mount in Terraria during the Martian Invasion.

Drill Containment

The Drill is one of the most challenging items to make and drop in Terraria. Initially, it needs 160 Luminite, 600 Chlorophyte Or, Glowing Mushrooms. Moreover, the infinite-flight mount functions as the fastest item of mining in the Terraria.

  • You need to beat the Moon Lord twice to get enough Luminite to craft the DCU.
  • It flies infinitely and is the fastest way to mine blocks in the game.

Except for the hooks, people can add all tools and weapons while riding a mount. Moreover, the Hooks are exceptional tools available for the Drill Mount in Terraria. Gamers store all Mount articles in the slot and use them instead of the quick mount summoning item. Moreover, it can color or dye. Except for Scutlix and Bee, the decking a Mount gives a slight burst of light.

In the Terraria, there are more than 25 mounts currently available in variety and movement statistics. All mount-summoning items are unique due to their unique feature and service. Shrimpy Truffle, Master mode-exclusive, and Witch’s Broom are exceptionally rare in approach.

Hopefully, we explained the method how to summon Mount in Terraria. Moreover, we told you the ways where you get the utilities to summon Mount in the game. But still, you have confusion, so that you can ask questions in the comment section. Like and share our page and link with your friends to appreciate our effort. Enjoy your summoning Mount items and mount on your object freely. Take Care! Bye!

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