How to unlink Social Club from Steam? | Simple Guide!

A social club is a platform that provides various games to download and share many other news jobs videos and photographs with their users. Most gamers and users link the social club to Steam. The question raises how to unlink social clubs from Steam when it is necessary.

How to Unlink Social Club from Steam? | 15 Simple Steps

Here are two ways to learn how to unlink social clubs from Steam. An account of your Social Club, depending on whether or not the Account is a Steam account or not. Please submit a support request to learn how to unlink social club from Steam with the following information.

  1. First of all, you have to unlink Social Club from your Steam username or ID.
  2. The Steam ID64 is for the Steam account you want unlinked:
  3. Now, sign in to the Steam account.
  4. Select the Setting from under the View tab.
  5. From Settings, go to the Interface.
  6. Select the displaying Steam URL address bar as it appears.
  7. Now, select OK from the options.
  8. Select Profile from your Profile name.
  9. Select Edit Profile from the top-right corner.
  10. Clean any Custom URL settings from the Profile.
  11. Select Save Changes.
  12. Select the Profile again from your Profile Name.
  13. Copy the URL that displays at the top of the screen.
  14. SteamID is a long number at the end of this URL.
  15. A screenshot showing your Profile logged into Steam with your Steam Profile and SteamID visible on the net.

The steps will lead you to learn how to unlink social clubs from Stream. You will be able to unlink your Account when you don’t want to connect the social club to Steam.

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For Non-Steam Accounts:

Social Club provides a platform for non-streamers. If you are a non-streamers, we have formatted the step to understand how to unlink social clubs on Steam or non-steam Account.

  1. Log into your social club games account.
  2. Now go to Settings.
  3. For that, Select the Setting option.
  4. The setting option is present on the top right.
  5. Please select it from the drop-down menu.
  6. Now, select Linked Accounts.
  7. Go to the social club account.
  8. To unlink the chosen Account.
  9. Your link to the Social Club Account.

As you follow the complete steps, you will understand how to unlink social clubs from Steam. All entitlements ties to the Social Club account used to first sign in to the game and cannot move from one Account to another. In advance, we are about to tell you how to link social clubs from Steam.

Linking Social Club from Steam:

Get a copy of GTA 5 on your PC if you are desirous to exploring Los Santos in the game along with wreaking havoc! The version of Steam and Rockstar on Uplay, and Social Club, is barring the path. You are not alone. We are here to give you quick tips in the guide on how to unlink social clubs from Steam. You will soon be on the way to causing mass mayhem.

Getting Stuck on Steam:

Many GTA 5 PC gamers complain about being stuck in a loop. Here the gamers are not sure whether their accounts are linking to Social Club or not.

  1. In some cases, Social Club opens the Steam overlay.
  2. Steam overly covers the OK button.
  3. The OK button is present on the right-hand bottom. Close the Steam overlay with the SHIFT+TAB button combination.
  4. The way you can see the button.
  5. Then you can link the accounts.

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Reason to Unlink Social Club:

Afterward, the Steam account will link to your Social Club. Ascertain, you connect the Steam, and the Social Club account receives an error. Here the Social Club fails in booting. In that case, Rockstar suggests unlinking or uninstalling the Social Club and reinstalling manually from the support page.

Steam Cache Verification:

Make sure the Steam cache verifies as well.

  1. Make right-click on the game in the Steam library.
  2. Then go to Properties.
  3. Now, click the Local files tab.
  4. Click the Verify Integrity of Game Cache option.

In simple four steps, you will verify the Steam cache.

Run the Steam by Social Club:

Run the Social Club as an administrator by another possible and fix suggestion by Rockstar is here;

  1. Make right-click on the Social Club.
  2. Then select Run as Administrator.

Hopefully, the quick guide helps you link your Steam and Social Club Accounts. Meanwhile, it will give you a complete idea of how to unlink Social club from Steam that takes you on the way to wreaking massive devastation in Rockstar open-world divertissement!

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