How to Get Souls of Light in Terraria? | 2 Simple Methods!

Soul of Light in Terraria is an in-game component that your hero will need to craft many items in Hardmod. It includes different essential accessories and weapons. That makes us tell you how to get souls of light in Terraria. Furthermore, we will add other related information in the article.

Method 1: To Get Souls of Light in Terraria

You can get the Soul of light in Terraria by killing enemies in underground shrines. Through the path there opens after killing the Wall of Flesh boss. The chance of dropping out is 1 to 5, which means 20%. In the Expert Mode, the drop chance increases to 36% in Terraria. Hence, you get the opportunity to learn how to get souls of light in Terraria.

6 Steps to Farm Enemies in Terraria:

One of the best ways to get as many ingredients as possible is to kill more enemies to get souls of Light in Terraria.

  1. Go to the Underground Shrine to the very depths.
  2. Their lava often appears.
  3. Place some Water Candles there.
  4. Enemies spawned by the Underground Shrine won’t pass through blocks
  5. Only Enchanted Swords is the item that offers enemies to pass through.
  6. Otherwise, enemies will be affected by the lava.

 Method 2: To Get Souls of Light in Terraria

Gamers can use this effective method to farm other items from creatures that live in this biome too. However, they possess the opportunity to learn how to get souls of light in Terraria. If you are playing on consoles, there is another easy way to farm many souls of light.

4 Steps to Farm Enemies in Terraria:

  1. You need to go to the Underground Shrine.
  2. Summon the King Slime boss using the crown.
  3. During the battle, the boss will summon tiny blue slime.
  4. The necessary components will drop from there.

The same method works for the Soul of Night on console though you will learn the way how to get souls of light in Terraria.

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Soul of Light in Terraria

There are lots of ways to get these Souls because they can be retrieved from any opponents in the underground Hallow. If you move down to the Hallow caverns, you will have a 33% chance to get a Soul of Light, so every three creatures you kill is a guaranteed Soul of Light. Here are all the things you can create with Souls of Light.

Usage of Souls of Light in Terraria

The Soul of Light can be used when you plan to craft the Crystal Storm, Soul of Light in a Bottle, Meteorite staff, Angel Wings, Chick, Rainbow rod, Dao of Pow, Sky Fracture, Cool Whip, Key of Light. Moreover, the Fairy Bell, Light Disc, Logic Sensor, Mechanical Eye, Mechanical Skull, Neptune’s Shell, and many more items in Terraria on Orichalcum or Mythril Anvil can get on the crafting table of the Terraria. Here is everything you should know about a Soul of Light in Terraria.

Method to Get other Items from Souls of Light in Terraria

Everyone is wondering how to get a soul of lighting Terraria; some beginners might not know what the Soul of light is, but we have covered it all.

  • Add the Crystal Storm to the 20 Spell Tome Crystal Shard to get the Bookcase.
  • Add the Crystal Storm to the 30 Spell Tome Crystal Shard for 15 Souls of Light.
  • Add the Angel Wings to the 10 Feather to get 20 Soul of Flight and 25 Soul of Light with Mythril Anvil or Orichalcum Anvil.
  • Add the Chick to the 15 Crystal Shard to get 10 Soul of Light, Wooden Yoyo.
  • Add the Fairy Bell to the 25 BellPixie Dust to get the Soul of Light Soul and ten more Sight.
  • Add the Fairy Bell to the 80 BellPixie Dust to get 10 Soul of Light Soul of Sight.
  • Add the Light Disc to the 4 Hallowed Bar to get the 3 Soul of Light for 5 Soul of Might.
  • Add the Logic Sensor to get the 5 Soul of Light in the Iron Bar Wire.
  • Add the Mechanical Eye in the 3 Lens, 5 Any Iron Barto to get the 6 Soul of Light.
  • Add the Mechanical Skull in the 30 Bones with 5 Iron Bar for 3 Soul of Light and Soul of Night.
  • Add the Meteor Staff in the 20 Meteorite Bar with 10 Pixie Dust to get the Soul of Light.

Terraria is a mind-blowing game that has a lot of content built into it. After beating the Wall of Flesh, many people observe that nothing else exists, but that is not true. Once you get into Hardmode, the game starts. One huge thing that you will know at this stage as you get into Hardmode is the collection of Souls. Indeed, it depends on the creature of opponents and its position in the game. Each drops various types of Soul.

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Types of Souls in Terraria

Furthermore, some Souls that you can get from defeating a Boss. Here are all 6 Souls you can call and what you can craft with them.

  1. Soul of Flight
  2. Soul of Light
  3. Soul of Night
  4. Soul of Might
  5. Soul of Sight
  6. Soul of Fright


Hopefully, we will explain every possible information on how to get souls of light in Terraria. Meanwhile, you will get the tip of the further use of the souls of light to create other items in Terraria. If you like to appreciate it, our effort shares the post on your friend’s list. Give your feedback. Your concern is significant for us. Thank You!

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