How to Report a Scam on Facebook? | 10 Simple Steps (2022)

False profile holders are flowing provisions of the websites. Sending msgs and making unachievable promises to inexperienced users. What happens if you trust one of the fake profile holders? We will help you to block the criminal sender completely. We are here to guide you on how to report a scam on Facebook to protect you.

Fake Profile Holder called Scammers due to cheating. The Scammer poses to be a decent individual. They firmly mislead innocent users out of money on Facebook. In a few conditions, they may be following the personality of the user. Scammers try to ruin your identity in your friend circles too.

Aims of the Scammer:

  • A scammer aims to fool you away of money. They made unachievable promises in the exchange of tiny transactions.
  • In other cases, Scammers need to be identified for hacks into public pages to send out data. The scammer reports end beneath the appearance of the beneficiary friend.
  • Scammers pretend hazard if one is likely to work without issues when one knows the personality entirely.
  • Getting a peculiar message or notice a regarding advert on the personal page.
  • Without answering, report it to Facebook by the Report Button present on the top of the peculiar message. Ascertain, you can exert the steps to block the fake profile completely.
  • By following further steps, one can report about the fake profiles. The way one can eliminate the peculiar page or fake profile lastingly.

 Scam Alerts:

  • Do not ever pay cash to any unknown person.
  • Do not pay a person that asks you to pay a fee in advance to obtain a credit, bonus, prizes, or loan.
  • Do not send the conversation when one asks you off Facebook.
  • Do not trust on People who claim to be a friend in any pressure.
  • Avoid people with poor grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Avoid unverified Pages that represent unverified companies and organizations.
  • Avoid the Person or account that directs you to claim prizes through pages.

Ascertain you became the victim of cybercrime or scammed, and learn how to report a scam on Facebook.


  • When a message or a post looks weird, do not try to click on any link.
  • Do not open any attachments or files.
  • Move and report to Facebook on social media.
  • Facebook will inquire about the delivery via email to Fake ID.
  • As certainly receiving a message, block the sender to get in touch.


Reporting is the best way to inscribe offensive or insulting content. Facebook facilitates their users with the reporting link. Form filling bluff maybe reports on Facebook while purchasing a thing.

How to Report a Scam on Facebook? (10 simple steps)

  1. Go to the Facebook post or message.
  2. Now click on three vertical dots to represent the More option.
  3. The drop menu will appear with few options.
  4. Select Find Support or Report Post.
  5. The message will appear with a few tabs.
  6. Select Something Else from tabs.
  7. Another menu will appear with a list of possible complaints.
  8. Choose Fraud or Scam.
  9. Press the send button from the bottom of the list.
  10. Now select Report to the Admin from the options.

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Fraud Alert:

To alert others

  • Go to the comment section of the post instead of messaging and wasting your time in conversation.
  • Now, open the Gif.
  • Select the Fraud alert Gif to alert others to be scammed or to be a victim.


The Chief Executive of getting Safe Online narrated that people consume infinite of their lives being online. Their digital footprint, unavoidably getting larger. That indicates the presence of cybercrime on a social medic platform like Facebook. Expectedly we explained well how to report a scam on Facebook. Be alert and alert others to be scammed. Take care!

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