Rainbow Six Siege – How to Get Out of Gold FOR GOOD?

Are you tired of sticking at Gold II and Gold IV? If so, then you’re at the right place. Today, we’ll provide you with the best R6 hacks that help you get out of the gold. Rainbow Six Siege is an awesome game where players struggle to kill enemies and break down the game codes to the core. 

The Pro players know how to get out of the gold by focusing on the team goals instead of only killing. However, if you’re a novice player, you probably face the problem of finding enemies and killing them. Constant attacks on the enemies improve your chances to get out of the gold. 

In addition to this, so many hacks help simplify the game to get out of the good. So, let’s focus on the hacks and play bravely. 

Rainbow Six Siege Hacks

  1. Focus on Team Coordination 

When you start playing, try to coordinate the team first and do not go alone on the map. Also, avoid running out alone on the map because the game becomes harder for you. So, it is better to have someone who can give you a cover-up and play along with you. 

Playing with a team and also helpful in refrag if somehow you die in the game. With a team, you can build a robust strategy and help in planning to win the game. On top of this, playing with a skilled squad can offer several benefits. It will be fun, and the team players will take half of the load. 

  1. Decode The Game 

The best R6 hacks to get out of the gold is decoding the game first. You may have seen many pro players get stuck in the gold and feel siege. On the other hand, maybe you remain struggling with the enemies and cannot break down the code. In that situation, try to get in touch with teammates and decode the game first. 

Avoid hiding in the dark corners. Moreover, you can also coordinate with the team to simplify the game and drone you out from the map. The best way to impact the ground is to hold you down, sit and resist. 

You can hold down and slowly enter the map in an attack situation. Make sure to get into the building with the objectives and keep it simple. 

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  1. Stay Adhere to the Game 

Before you make a move, it is good to watch the entire match and understand the enemy’s team strategy. This helps to know what kind of playstyle they follow and how you can plan your game accordingly. Moreover, it helps to adapt to the game and focus on killing enemies. 

  1. Communicate with Team Leaders

When playing the game, do not forget to communicate with your team. Give constant call-outs to the team and ask them to help when the enemies attack you. This way, your team will plan strategies and help you get out of the situation easily. 

In addition to this, you can tell your team what exactly you’ve seen and how you can ping on the calls. However, an action call helps more than facing the situation alone. The teammates will also give you a cover-up by quickly spotting you on the map. 

However, if you want to improve the game, create strategies with your teammates and give calls. 

  1. Teamcomps Matters

As a player, you may be familiar with Vigil and Ash, the two main enemies that run around you and target you with their superior guns. However, remember that killing is significant in the game, and you need to focus on Teamcomps as it matters a lot.

Instead of locking Vigil and Ash, you can wait for some time to check what kind of utility and weapons your team needs and then pick accordingly. 

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Bottom Line 

So, finally, you are good to go. Try to follow the hacks and get out of the gold. Make sure to play in a coordinated manner with the team. Avoid entering the map by yourself only. Try to communicate with the teammates constantly as it helps to meet the game’s goal faster. Ensure to simplify the game as much as possible. This is the only secret to winning the game and killing maximum enemies. 

Coordination of the team matters to wind and get out of the gold. Even if you are not ready with the plans, your teammates can help to crack the code and give you cover.

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